Important Things to Know Before Replacing Your Home Roof

Even though you may not have ever really thought about it, the roof is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your house, keeping you safe and dry. Depending on the age of your home, the roofing materials used, and the weather conditions, your roof may need to be replaced at least once in your lifetime. Since it is a fairly expensive, you need to get it right the first time to avoid recurring headaches due to a troublesome roof. The main considerations:

Getting the Right Roofer

Because new roof installation is not a very frequent affair, there are quite a few roofers who don’t worry about getting repeat business and tend to rip off customers. Also, many homeowners rely on the price and place their orders on the roofer giving them the lowest price. Unfortunately, the low prices are a result of low-quality materials and cheap inexperienced workers who can never do a very good job. It is best to obtain references from lumber yards, trades people, and as well as neighbors. You can also visit the websites of established roofing manufacturers and get the details of their certified roofers. Once you’ve shortlisted some Sugarland roofers you can check out their reputation and profiles on sites like ContractorCheck and Angie’s List. Make it a point to request for client references from the ones you are considering and actively contact them regarding the quality of services delivered.

Strip Away the Existing Shingles

It is perfectly okay to have two layers of shingles on the roof and you can save some money by laying the new layer on top of the old one. However, retaining the existing shingles denies the roofer the opportunity to inspect the condition of the underlying decking and flashing and carry out repairs, which unless done, may come back to you haunt you later. Stripping away the existing roof is also a very good idea if you live where the weather is very cold as the roofer will be able to install a rubber membrane shield to prevent any leaks happening at the eaves when the ice builds up. If the existing roof is not asphalt but some other material like wood, then it is essential for it to be removed completely and new plywood decking installed. Even though this can be quite expensive, it still needs to be done.


Go In For the Best Quality

Because roof replacement is not an everyday affair, you need to make sure that you use the best possible materials available. Not only does it add marginally to the total investment but you get a roof that may not need major attention for the next 50 years or more. For example, getting shingles with the longestpossible warranty; usually 50 years, will add only a few hundred dollars to the cost. It also makes great sense to select copper flashing because that is definitely the most durable metal for joint sealing, even though it may look a trifle expensive at around $1,000, or so.

Get the Paperwork Right

Considering that the entire roofing will take a maximum of three to five days depending on the roof size and style, it certainly is a project with lots of liability and cost. There are three very important documents that need your attention. The first one is the building permit that will usually be mandatory for your town. Apart from local regulatory compliance it also ensures that the building code is followed by the contractor. The second document is the contract in writing from the roofer that specifies the scope of his involvement, the products to be used, and the costs involved. The third vital document is a letter in your name from the contractor’s insurer confirming that the work being undertaken is fully covered by the contractor’s compensation and liability policy.


Getting your roof replaced is a major involvement both in terms of time and money so you should approach the project with a lot of caution. Make sure that you have got a competent contractor and ensured that the contract fully covers what is needed to be done and does not leave you open to monetary compensation that you may not have factored in. Also ensure that the contractor cleans up all the mess, including the nails that may come off the earlier roof, otherwise you could be dealing with endless punctures for months to come.


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