14 Celebrities that Surprisingly Sew!

Stop and think about it before reading on. How many stars do you know of that stitches and tailors for fun? Count them in your head and remember your number.

When we think of celebrities, the last thing that come to mind are their hobbies, and especially sewing! Crafting with needle and cloth just doesn’t seem like something celebs would be concerning themselves with.

We eagerly watch how their love lives unfold and we make a huge fuss knowing everything we possibly can about them. The set trends and create new styles, even their diet and exercise routines are under constant scrutiny. Yet we never see the headlines: “This celebrity creates the most stunning doll’s clothing. Learn about her stitching style here!”

Off course due to their crazy lives along with hectic schedules, celebrities are only human and have the same (or even more) stress build up we all must manage. What better way than to craft? Or in this instance sew.

Spoiler: surprisingly, as promised, some of these stars are men. The whole round-up below may leave you astonished. How many did you think of at the start? Read on about the 14 we could find.


Courtesy of: Wunderlabel


  1. Who would have thought? That George Clooney would save his ex girlfriend’s dress, by sweing – fixing – it himself? It’s amazing! I love sewing – some complicated designs I leave to my seamstress, but I like sewing cushions and other things, in general! Hope you are fine and also hope you have a beautiful day!

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