Street-Style-Approved Hairstyle Ideas Aussies Are Loving

Anyone who is as obsessed with Aussie trends as we are knows that these fashionable and style on-top ladies and gents look to cultivate and nurture their love for boho vibes. After all, this style approach seems only natural as the hot weather and the overall laid back lifestyle dictates a particular easiness, a carefree sense of things if you will. Can you really relate tailored suits and heavy buns with pristine white beaches and turquoise waters? Didn’t think so.

What we particularly love about Aussie beauty (and very much envy, also) is their gorgeous hairstyles that are always looking spectacularly gorgeous and shiny, but at the same time have that #iwokeuplikethis feel about them. How on Earth do they do it!

Well, we may have cracked the code! Here are a few style tips we’ve managed to pull straight out of the Aussies’ book, so – get ready to be blown away:

Sun-kissed Waves

With their long, often blondish hair (the sun rays are to blame), Aussie beauties enjoy the gorgeousness of their easy dos that are every bit as seductive as the most glamorous Red Carpet solutions (but look and feel way more natural).

Sun-kissed Waves 01

For girls who are naturally curly, the best way to keep their curls firm and gorgeous is sea salt. Aussies tend not to wash their hair after they’ve had a dip to let the curls form naturally. However, those who’ve got straight hair and love a little bit of curl in their stride trust their hair curlers.

All girly Aussies have already mastered the lovely wave technique and judging by what we’ve heard – it’s pretty easy achieving the look. Just let the hair dry naturally or blow dry it if you are in a hurry, let the messy strands dominate, then curl separate strands of hair individually. To get thicker and bigger locks with more volume, separate thicker strands and curl them up; for a more “afro” look, go with thinner strands.

The Vertical Pull-Down

By far the most famous Aussie hairdo (yes, that one we’re all envying), is called the “vertical pull-down” and, rumor has it that it is ridiculously easy to master! Apparently, no matter what your natural texture is, it is super-simple to do at home on blown-out hair and it will take you from an average to an I-look-like-a-Goddess look. Basically, it’s “just one turn of the iron and you pull straight down.”

The Vertical Pull-Down 01

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So, how to do it? Blow-dry the hair smooth and straight and make a central parting (a side parting is also okay). Clamp and pull the iron to create a uniform wave throughout. Once your flat iron is clamped onto the hair at the root, “flick your wrist away from your face (about 180 degrees), and smooth the iron straight down the hair”. As a result, you’ll get a ringlet. For cohesion, repeat around the entire head.

The Vertical Pull-Down 02

To give your hair sleek, smooth waves, use a dense, boar-bristle brush… and, if you’re all about the beachy, piece-y wave, use a wide-tooth comb. Easy!

Styled up Bob

Again, Aussies are all about the curl and the laid back feel, so they’ll use any chance they can (even when their hair is short) to exercise their right to be free and wild.

Styled up Bob

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The new Blame Bob (the carefree, perfectly messed do everyone – and we mean everyone – has been sporting recently) is very easy to fashion, even though it looks like it requires hours in front of a mirror and a ton of products. Aussies claim that all you need is your trusted ghd (the best root lift hairspray in the world) and hair straightener. Place the iron at the root and rotate 360°, gliding through to the ends and alternating the direction for that wavy just-come-from-the-beach-look. Aussie-approved!

See? It’s not even THAT complicated! Can’t wait to try it!


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