Trend Alert: Choker Necklaces

Chokers are among the biggest trends this year. You can see them everywhere. The most popular ones are the velvet chokers with victorian pendants on.

For me wearing chokers isn’t something new. I remember my first velvet choker back in the 90’s when I was a teenager and they were fashionable back then too.

And when I first started this blog (my blog just turned 5!) I had presented some I had made myself. In the last year I have created some new chokers I am going to present in a future post.

Until I show you my handmade creations I’m going to show you a collection of chokers I bought as I was looking for afordable alternatives.

The joy of creating something of your own is an unbeatable feeling, but when you want to create different designs without intending to sell them, then the cost is higher because the materials are cheaper when you buy in bulk.

Searching online for various choker designs I found many inexpensive pieces, but ended up opting for a set as the price is lower than buying them individually.

On Zaful I found several sets whose prices range according to the quantity. I ended up with a set of black chokers, which you can see below, and can be found here for $10.49. I bought it with discount as I had collected points. In case you are not familiar with that, this means that I had written reviews on previous purchases on the site and I earned discount points, something you can do on many sites.











The last piece, which can be found here, wasn’t included in the set, but was simply irresistible and I bought it separately.

gothic-choker crystal-choker

Are you a fan of chokers too?

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