How to find the perfect Mother of the Bride dress to accompany you on the essential journey?

The bride isn’t the only special girl at the ceremony, the Mother of the Bride also needs to shine on the spotlight. So, it’s very important to find a perfect Mother of the Bride dress for the big day!

Diversity of Mother of the Bride dresses.

Mother of the Bride dresses in the past were usually very complicated and uncomfortable to wear, although they were pretty and majestic looking, they would make the mom feel quite restricted. Today the elegant vintage gowns are back in fashion with modern touches that provide the snug and cozy feel that we all prefer, making the style a perfect addition for a classic themed wedding.

Whenever we talk about Mother of the Bride dresses, the first image that comes into our mind is a long gown with neckline, skirt and sleeves that covers every part of the body. But modern Mother of the Bride dresses have become more unique and in pair with the latest fashion trends, thus knee-length dresses with sheer illusion cuts paired with an elegant matching lace wraps are very common sight these days.

How to determine what style to wear?

From the viewpoint of structure and body types, the popular suggestions are as follow: If you have comparatively bustier body, you’d better go for an A-Line silhouette with significant necklines. A Mermaid or Trumpet would be perfect to show off your stunning curves for the ones with larger hips. A sheath dress is always a good choice for the tall and thin, and a knee-length dress is recommended to make you appear some extra inches taller.

Mother of the bride dresses NZ

Do colors play a big role?

When it comes to the color of the Mother of the Bride dress, the most common would be to choose colors that would stand out from the rest of the wedding party.
Bridesmaids would usually pick popular colors such as Candy Pink, Dark Green, Regency, Orange and Sky Blue. The ones we recommend (In a traditional classic wedding) for the Mother of the Bride would be Champagne, Burgundy, Silver, Gold, since those colors are timeless and would never disappear from the fashion world. It’s better to stay away from black or white/ivory unless it is a theme that has been approved by the bride and groom since black gowns can suggest mourning while white/ivory would match with the bride’s dress.

To make a long story short

There are just endless alternatives and finding the perfect Mother of the Bride dress may take a little time, however we can assure choosing the right one will be worth it in the end.

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