Buying and Using Melanotan Peptide – Some Things You Should Know

Sunbathing is one of the many reasons that make tourists to travel to different beach destinations. Tourists will love it, when they get to sunbathe on the seashore to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

As technology improved, many tanning salons and spas were opened worldwide, and these places allow people to get their skin tanned without any exposure to the actual sunlight. This is called skin tanning and it will be just like how you feel, when you have exposed your skin to sunlight.

Melanotan peptide is actually a type of cosmetic peptide supplement that is used in the tanning salons today. When sprayed on the skin layer, the supplement triggers excess production of melanin, a brown colored pigment in the epidermal layer. As a result, your skin layer will become darker than before tanning.

Melanin is the pigment that is present in the epidermal layer of the body. When your body gets exposed to sunlight, the pigment will be produced in excess amounts in the body parts that are exposed to sunlight, so as to reduce excess absorption of sunlight, and especially the UV rays.

As a result, those body parts will appear dark in color than the rest of your body. The main aim of melanin pigment is to reduce the chances of skin become red because of the damage from UV rays.

History of Melanotan II


Melanotan II was actually prepared by the group of scientists working in the laboratories of Arizona. The main aim of the studies here was to create some effective drug that can help in treating skin cancer. Even though Melanotan II was created for treating skin cancer, the main aim here was to make the supplement trigger the natural healing process in the body against skin cancer.

Melanin pigment will be automatically released in excess amount in the epidermal layer, every time any body part of a person is exposed to sunlight. By keeping this concept as the principle of the experiments, scientists came up with the idea of developing Melanotan II. When melanotan peptide is sprayed or even introduced into the skin layer through oral or injection form, then the natural defensive mechanism of the body, also known as melanin pigment production, will be triggered.

How to Take Melanotan II Supplement

Melanotan peptide will guarantee excellent results, if you use the freeze-dried form of the supplement. Hence, it is suggested to stare in a cold and dry place before using it.

  • After opening the vial containing melanotan peptide, wipe the surface with the alcohol wipes, which are provided with the vial.
  • Slowly insert the insulin syringe into the bottle containing water and draw 1ml water into it. Now introduce the water into the vial containing 10mg melanotan peptide in the powdered form.

Shake the solution well till it becomes clear and you cannot see the lumps of the powder in it. Now inject the solution into the subcutaneous layer of your skin. If you are not sure about finding the right powdered form then you can always consult your physician.

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