Coffee Stained Teeth? 3 Whitening Strategies but A Brighter Smile

The benefits of drinking coffee is plenteous. This popular beverage can energize you, increase alertness, and burn fat. Coffee also offers a few protective barriers against diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and certain cancers. However, the evidence of drinking coffee can be left on your teeth long after you’ve consumed it. If you haven’t been diligent about visiting your dentist or using products that will whiten your teeth, here’s a few strategies you can implement in your oral hygiene regime to help combat coffee stains.

Eat Healthy Foods

There are certain fruits and vegetables you can eat that will clean your teeth naturally. If you’ve heard the old phrase that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, this can be partly true with eating apples. Although you should continue to commit to your six-month dental visits, eating apples can help reduce cavities and plague. The saliva that is generated in your mouth while eating an apple can act as a cleanser. Other foods like carrots, cheese, and leafy vegetables can also help maintain the health of your teeth.

Use Teeth Whitening Products

Advanced teeth whitening homecare products are available to help you remove stains from your teeth. These products range from teeth whitening strips to all-in-one toothpaste. All you need to do is follow the instructions for the specified period of time, and you should be able to obtain a brighter smile. You can also request teeth whitening services from a dentist, like Kyle J Frisinger DMD. Professional dental whitening services can provide a stronger defense against stains.

Reduce Coffee Consumption

You can also reduce teeth stains by reducing the amount of coffee you consume each day. You may want to alter your coffee intake to a few days a week to achieve your teeth whitening goal quicker. If you exchange your coffee choice for water, you can also curb your appetite for coffee. Since milk has calcium and promotes healthy teeth, you can also opt for cappuccino or latte drinks. These products have lighter-colored ingredients that can also reduce stains on your teeth.

Dentists are always available to help you keep your original teeth or replace ones that can no longer be retained. However, if you want to present a better smile, a change in your diet and application of teeth whitening products are the best routes to take. Achieving a whiter smile may not happen overnight but with regular teeth cleanings, you can expect to see better results within a few weeks.

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