5 Garden Design Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless

When you think about a garden, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers and neatly mowed lawn. But contrary to that widely spread belief, gardens are back and they can be considered the works of art just like the Versaille once was, and still is for that matter. Exterior designers gladly include them into their plans, and house owners do everything they can to have even the smallest one to embellish their home.

Gardens of today can be whatever you like them to be, whether an ornamental part of the house or an entertaining area for the guests. They can be a perfect hiding place to shut out the world or a playground for your children. Having in mind this variety of options, we chose to present 5 design ideas among which might be just what you’re looking for.


  • Children playground


If you live in the busy street where there isn’t a minute that a car doesn’t go by, then the best thing to do for that outdoor space is to turn it into the playground for your children and their friends. The most important thing to have is good fencing and use rubber mulch for the area where the kids will play, so it can soften their fall and prevent the injuries. Depending on the age of your children you can place a sandbox, trampoline, zip line, swings and a swimming pool during summer. You can use the fence to install chalkboards and climbing wall, and if you have a stern and healthy tree, build a treehouse – that’s something every kid dreams of.


  • Entertainment area


Having guests over is a completely normal social behaviour, but when you lack the space or want to throw a party, you need a little bit more space to fit everybody in. During the warmer months, the garden can be a perfect spot to gather people over barbecue and cold beverages. If you build the outdoor kitchen, the good news is that you can use it during the colder weather too if the need arises. You can go simple and only place a grill rack over a fire pit or opt only for the built barbecue. Create a real cooking zone with the stove, oven and grill plus the bar to prepare drinks and you’ll be famous for throwing the best parties among your friends.



  • Relax zone


The Classical garden is perfect for those who want to create a relaxing and soothing ambience for themselves. A seating set surrounded by the perennials and roses will bring out the sweet scents and vivid colours, while jasmine will keep your relaxing heaven blooming even during the night. Instead of seating set, you can hang a hammock or build a Zen garden with rack, sand and stones, and maybe a small pond at the end with some Koi fish to bring out the true Japanese philosophy out of your garden. Small fountains or waterfalls are also great for creating a relaxing atmosphere and there is a wide variety to choose from because of their popularity.


  • True garden


Sometimes all your garden needs are to be the true garden with flowers and perfectly mowed lawn, stone path and little lamps on its side to shine the way to the front door at nights. These kinds of gardens are all about nature and plants you nurture and care for. Add some fruit plants like blackberries and raspberries which not only look and smell great but will also be a tasty treat during summer. Also, lemon and tangerine trees are easy to grow if your climate allows it. You can install the residential and commercial hose pipe and spigot somewhere where they’ll be visible to add to the true garden charm.  



  • Family centre


Extra outdoor space is ideal to spend time with your family and the best thing about it is that you can do it all year long. During spring you can gather around the fire pit or plant seedlings with your kids, which is always fun for the little ones. You can create an outdoor theatre during summer and have picnics under the shade of the trees. If you plant some evergreens, you’ll have a green and festive garden during winter holidays which you can decorate and extend the Christmas and New Year to the garden. If you landscape the garden together with your family, that joint effort will create your special spot to spend time together and make new memories.


There are varieties of choices and trends you can choose from, but in the end, it’s how you see yourself in your garden that matters the most. If your lifestyle doesn’t let you enjoy the nature much, then use your garden to the maximum of its potential to create your own escape route from the stressful living.

About the author:

Helen Bradford is a student who enjoys writing about health, interior and exterior design. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.

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