DIY: String Christmas Balls

Every year I want to add new ornaments to our Christmas tree that we have made at home. After the Christmas Crafts With Clothespins, it’s time for our handmade Christmas balls. I have used different types of string, but I also followed different ways of creation for each of them.

The main materials I have used are balloons, glue and string.



For the first balls I used glue all over the balloons and then I spread the string over the glue.




The next day that the glue had dried, in one ball I popped the balloon, removed the dried glue and sprayed the dried string and any remaining part of the glue with a snow effect spray. Then I sprinkled some glitter.




On the second ball I popped the balloon and removed it from a little hole, but I kept the dried glue, which gives a glass illusion.

I could have inserted something like a little bell from the little hole, but I have kept it empty for the time being.



On the next ball I sprayed with a gold and white spray, but the dog stole it from where I had left it to dry, so I didn’t complete the look.


Next I used some knitting wool which I dipped into a bowl with glue and spread it over a balloon.



As it has big gaps I may add something inside it. Maybe I could use it as a cover on another plain ball.


Have you made any Christmas balls of your own?

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  1. Έγιναν τέλεια τα στολιδακια σου Ντέμη μου!
    Και του χρόνου!Καλες γιορτές!!Πολλα φιλάκια!

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