How to Choose Your Wedding and Groom’s Cakes

Choosing your wedding cake and the groom’s cake can be a task and it takes a lot of consideration and planning to get it right. These steps can help you to get the perfect cakes for your wedding reception.

There are a multitude of types, colors, designs and flavors for wedding and groom’s cakes at your reception. You need to learn how to the balance the perfect flavors that you love with the style and decorations you want to present to your guests. Follow these steps to get the most out of your cakes and to please everyone.


Cake Tasting

Cake Testing - Commune VB

Call some bakeries in your area or from references of friends and relatives. Ask what day and time they are offering tastings. At this event, you are invited to the bakery to sample some of the finest cakes that they make. You will also get a chance to meet the bakers and find out what types of cakes they have experience in making. Usually, they have a book or portfolio of their past work.


What Style of Cakes?


Make all your decisions on the wedding such as your dress, flowers and your reception décor before you decide on the cake style. All of these decisions can lead to a decision on the style of cakes. You can choose a style based on your wedding gown, the venue style, the flower arrangements or your menu for the reception. If you want the decorative elements to match your other colors, give the baker fabric swatches so they can replicate the exact same shade in icing ribbons or sugar flowers.


How to Choose the Size?

Round and square wedding cake size chart and serving guide
Round and square wedding cake size chart and serving guide

You should have your guest list completed before you choose a cake; this makes it easier to decide what size cake will feed all of your guests. Three tier cakes will serve 50 to 100 guests. If you expect 200 or more guests, you should choose a five-layer cake. If the area where the cake will be has high or vaulted ceilings, the cake can mimic the style by having columns between the layers to add height to the entire cake instead of a stacked cake where the layers are stacked directly on top of each other.


How to Compare the  Costs?


Wedding cake is generally priced by the slice. It varies greatly, but can be between $1.50 and $15 per slice. The more intricate of a design and the hardest to find fillings between the cake layers will be priced at the higher end of the spectrum. Fondant icing is more expensive than butter cream icing and elaborate shapes that are molded, vibrant colors and handmade sugar flowers will dictate that you pay more for the designer’s expertise and labor.

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How to Save on the Cakes?

Depending on your budget for the cakes, you may try to save some of the cost to spend on other items that you must have on your wedding day. You can order a small cake that is magnificently decorated to feed a few guests and then order several sheet cakes at a much lower price for the remainder of the guests. The cakes can be garnished with seasonal flowers or fruit rather than complex decorator designs. This will add the colors you want and reduce the price on the cakes. If you will have another table with desserts or other sweets, you can choose a cake that is the right size for about half of the guests and just cut it in smaller pieces to save money.


What are the Types of Frosting?

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The two frostings commonly used for wedding cakes are fondant or butter cream. Butter cream has the silky flavor that many adore while fondant provides a super smooth finish on the cake. If you love the flavor of butter cream but also like the finish of the fondant, have the cake iced in butter cream and then a layer of fondant over the entire cake.


What about Summer Cakes?

What about summer cakes - Fondant Cake Images

If you are having an outdoor weather and its summer and hot outside, you will want to stear clear from butter cream, meringue and whipped cream as they melt. You can ask the baker of choice about a summer frosting or choose a fondant covered cake that doesn’t even need refrigeration.


Cost vs Details

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The price grows quickly when you add delicate decorations to your wedding cakes. The delicate gum paste or sugar paste flowers are all made by hand one petal at a time. These are time consuming and will increase the price of the cakes. You can choose fresh fruit or flowers to add to the cake and most bakeries will apply them for you for a nominal fee.


Your Florist May Help

The anniversay layer - Indian Bakers

If you are using fresh flowers on the cakes, ask the bakery if you need to supply them or ask your florist if they are placing the blooms on the cakes after they are delivered to your venue.


Displaying your Cakes

Displaying your cakes - LDS Wedding Receptions

Your cakes will likely be on a table for viewing and photos before it is cut. If you have a round cake, it will look best on a round table although if it is a linear cake you will want to display it on a rectangular table. You can dress up any shape table with beautiful fabrics, fresh flowers motifs and accents of color with the help of your florist.


Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers - Ebay

The traditional cake topper is a plastic bride and groom. However, more couples are opting for different toppers such as a porcelain antique or a pair of gingerbread people or sugar cookies to represent the bride and groom. Other great alternatives include bouquets of sugar flowers, cascading icing ribbons down the cake sides or a sugar block carved out with your monogram.


Get the Delivery Details


Make certain that the cake will be delivered to your venue before the wedding starts. If the cake will need some construction at the venue, make certain it will get there early enough for a decorator to finish it. Some cakes may need to be refrigerated, so make certain you can do so until the cake is placed on the display table.


The Anniversary Layer

How to Choose Your Wedding and Groom’s Cakes - Malorca Princess

Tradition dictates that you keep the top layer or tier of your cake for your first anniversary. When it is removed from the cake, place it in an alternate area so no one accidentally will cut into it. Wrap the cake in plastic wrap and then seal it inside of a large airtight zipper bag. This will make certain that it doesn’t freezer burn and will be just as delicious in one year.


These tips can help you to get the most perfect wedding cake that satisfies all of your needs at the reception. Receptions can last for several hours and you want to be comfortable the entire time. You can change from your wedding shoes with your gown into some ballerina flats so as not to make your feet too tired. Sydney’s Closet can help you find some flats so that you can thoroughly enjoy your reception. The experts at this location can also help you to select the perfect attire for your going away wardrobe that is stylish, comfortable and fits perfectly. This is important; as it is the last time your guests see you until you return after your honeymoon and many photos are taken as you rush to your awaiting car or limo.

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