Get Creative! 5 Awesome Ideas for Holiday Crafts

Perhaps you’re a parent looking for fun holiday activities to keep your little ones busy during Christmas break. Or maybe you’re an adult who loves getting into the Christmas spirit by making homemade decorations and gifts. Whatever your age, there are countless craft ideas out there that can help you to make this season more magical and memorable. Here are a few delightful and dazzling ideas to consider.

Amazing Advent Calendars

Children and adults alike can feel excitement building when they use a traditional Advent Calendar to count down the days until Christmas. Though there are plenty on the market you can purchase, it’s even more fun to create your own Advent Calendar. You can do this easily by taking an inexpensive cork bulletin board, wrapping it completely on all sides with festive holiday wrapping paper, and stapling 25 envelopes onto it. Then take permanent markers in festive colors such as red, green, silver, and gold, and number the envelopes from one to 25. You can surprise your loved ones each day with a special note, gift, or piece of candy hidden in each day’s envelope!


Elaborate Embroidery

Those who want to go all out with impressive-looking holiday decorations could consider an embroidery project. The list of design possibilities for adding a seasonal touch to ornaments, blankets, mason jar covers, and more seems practically endless. Whether you like an old-fashioned Victorian Christmas look, cute and cuddly Children’s themes, or religious patterns, you can find them on sites like and add them to your Christmas gifts or your own holiday decor.


Ornate Orb Ornaments


When it comes to Christmas crafts, no list would be complete without a cool ornament idea. If you want a dazzling tree without spending a lot of money, you can make your own sparkly silver ball ornaments by recycling scratched CDs. Simply cut the old CDs up into small pieces of different shape and size. Then use strong craft glue to fasten the pieces all over glass or plastic ball ornament. Then add fancy ribbons to the top of each ornament, hang them strategically near the lights on your tree’s limbs, and watch your tree shimmer and shine!


Festive Frozen Yard Art

If you live somewhere where the temperature stays low enough for a white Christmas, you may want to try this fun and fanciful idea to add a splash of holiday cheer to that blanket of snow in your yard. Take balloons and fill them with water. Add food coloring before tying the balloons. Shake them gently to disperse the food coloring. Then freeze them in your freezer or outside. After they’re fully frozen, cut off the balloons with scissors. Then place these giant colored frozen water balls that look like huge Christmas ornaments wherever you want them in your yard. They’re ideal for lining the walkway to your house because they resemble giant gumdrops you’d place in front of a gingerbread house!


Welcoming Wreaths

Nothing gives quite as warm of a Christmas welcome as a wreath on the front door. Even if you have limited crafting abilities, with the right materials you can make a wreath that can transform your home into a winter wonderland. Simply purchase an inexpensive Styrofoam wreath ring. Then get an extra wide roll of festive holiday ribbon in your favorite colors and patterns. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the entire ring and fasten it with pins. Then add artificial poinsettias, bows, sprigs of holly, or whatever other Christmas accessories you choose to personalize your wreath.


This special season is a wonderful time to develop your creativity and beautify your surroundings at the same time. Hopefully, these ideas have given you a little inspiration. Happy holiday crafting!

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