The Significance of eBay

If you desire to purchase or sell any used or new item, a great location for you is eBay. The founder Pierre Omidyar originally established an e-commerce organization in 1995 with the aim of developing an online marketplace which would aid in linking buyers and sellers. Then, the company was recognized as AuctionWeb, and a broken laser pointer was the first item ever sold there.

In 1997, which was two years later, the name of the organization was changed to eBay. The chairman and founder of eBay initially had the desire to give his company name Echo Bay because it sounded great. Sadly, the name was already being used, so Pierre made the decision to shorten it and, with that, was born.

The company gained popularity over the years and purchased over 30 organizations including StumbleUpon and Up4Sale. The most recent acquisition by eBay is a data tool company known as Terapeak Inc.

During 2017, it had over 160 million active users as well as buyers from over 180 various markets. This auction platform is home to products numbering billions, over 80% of which are brand new and sold by over 6 million sellers. Such competition is breeding ground for many sweet deals, tempting discounts, loyalty promotions and a lot of other perks the buyers can enjoy.

Of late, eBay is praised as one of the most successful organizations in e-commerce — with headquarters in San Jose, California, the United States. This online shopping company provides employment to over 12,000 individuals and has a revenue of more than US$8 billion.

You may not believe it, but there is still a host of things you might not be aware of about eBay. View the infographic below to learn all the details linked with this giant of e-commerce and learn a host of remarkable stats and facts.



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