3 Current Trends in Healthy Cosmetics

When your grandmother bought makeup, she probably focused on finding a shade of lipstick that looked good and a brand of blush that didn’t make her look like Bozo the Clown.

Times have definitely changed in the world of cosmetics.

When women shop for makeup today, they are not only interested in selecting shades that complement their skin tone—they also want to select brands that are full of natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the current trends in health-minded makeup:

Search the Earth for the Best Ingredients

If you read the labels of cosmetics, there is a definite movement toward natural ingredients that come from Mother Earth. A great example of this is the Amway Artistry brand of makeup. The company’s experts in skin health research are always on the lookout for products that they can incorporate into their cosmetics line. For example, the Artistry scientists uncovered a rare extract from the African baobab fruit, which is naturally rich in antioxidants and can help the skin to look more vibrant. Artistry cosmetics also contain water from Norwegian fjords; unlike your basic tap water, this type of H2O comes from glaciers that were formed 10,000 years ago and is incredibly pure. 

Alternatives to Animal Testing

While virtually no companies test their cosmetics on animals in the United States and this practice was banned a long time ago in Europe, there are still makeup brands that utilize animal testing. China’s regulations require animal testing of imported cosmetics as well as their own brands, according to Allure.com. In addition to Googling a new-to-you brand of makeup to be sure it has not been tested on animals, know that scientists are busy looking at ways to test cosmetics that does not involve mice or rabbits. For instance, MatTek, a lab in Massachusetts, is working on isolating human cells that are leftover from cosmetic surgeries like a tummy tuck to make 3D models of skin. After creating these human skin models, the scientists can then use them to be sure a lipstick will not cause you to break out or a shampoo will not make your eyes turn red. Thanks to these lab-made models, cosmetics companies can ethically test their products in a cruelty-free way.

Makeup/Skincare Hybrids

If you have ever wished that your makeup would do more than cover up your skin or give it some color, you are in luck. Makeup-skin care hybrids are definitely a current trend. Providing a “win-win” for cosmetics fans, they can conceal imperfections while helping to improve our skin’s overall health. Examples of these hybrid products includes a foundation that includes a moisturizing serum and concealers that cover up under-eye circles while also nourishing the delicate skin with ingredients that are designed to lessen the appearance of the dark circles.

Cosmetics have definitely come a long way.

It is good to know that makeup is not a mish-mash of chemicals and colors, but instead includes a number of natural ingredients that are good for our skin. In addition, the use of human skin models for testing cosmetics, along with the proliferation of brands that combine coverage with improved skin health, are all encouraging and healthy trends for the cosmetics industry.

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