Boutique handbags

The woman’s handbag is something very personal that discovers completely intimate world. But the bag is an important way for the modern woman to express herself, her visions and style. Many women know that the fastest way to show a new style or even new mood is to buy a new handbag. The bag is part of the code of communication with others and identification of the personality. Even the summer holidays, the hot nights, golden sand and the smell of the sea cannot pass without at least three bags in the suitcase…


There are many ways to describe a designer’s or boutique bag. In general these are items in very short series or even unique models. Summer is the most appropriate season for showing a boutique handbag to the others, as bags are more “visible” alongside the lack of clothing. Designer handbags have to be part of the wardrobe of every woman, as every unique model tells a story and discovers the personal female universe. Many designers give names to their work so as to show to the public ladies’ character.


The designers’ bags can be used not only by women with particular dress code, but also on the street, beach, in the mall… Bold colors of fruit, flowers and sea are used: lilac, raspberry, fuchsia, tomato, green grass, sky. There are exotic prints and many other decorations, which convert the handbag in a piece of art. Leather, textiles, buttons, zippers – everything can be part of a unique boutique bag.


The aesthetics of the woman’s handbag should show elements of beauty and good taste. Sensuality, simplicity and balance are the three basic points of the work of the designers: the materials are more important than the form, simplicity is genius, and the balance between them is the source of perfection. This is the way every woman can assess the good boutique handbag.
Certainly, all bags are handmade, original, and different. Each item is designed with the thought of a certain type of woman or even a particular lady – with her lifestyle, preferences for size, shape, color and material. Boutique bags are frequently produced on individual order. Designers offer a belt or hand-painted silk scarf to finish the unique vision. It is really a big advantage to have something personally made in the modern, unified world.

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