The Edgiest Spring Fashion Trends

The Spring/Summer collections have been presented to us a while ago, and we’re thankful that designers are always several months ahead of the game. This time span gives us the kind of heads-up we need to adjust, take it all in and see which of the trends we’ll decide to embrace by the time spring arrives. Well, spring is definitely here, and it’s high time we sum up our impressions. There were plenty of expected choices, but we’re not here for those today. Today, it’s all about the edgy, almost-too-daring-to-wear trends that only the boldest will embrace, so let’s be fierce and snag at least one of them. After all, life’s too short to not take risks, at least once in a blue moon, or in our case, once in a fashion month.


The traffic stopper



One of the undeniably most daring trends to be spotted on the runways is the rubber trend. Whether we’re looking at short-sleeved Barbie pink jackets by Acne Studios, the industrial-grade bright yellow pencil dress by Calvin Klein or the almost metallic suits by Simon Miller, we’re left in awe by the sheer audacity that it takes to make clothes out of something we usually only wear in the kitchen, while scrubbing dishes. These choices are definitely bold, however, far from unwearable. You just have to have the kind of audacity the designers had while creating the pieces and disregard the heads that will be turning when you walk down the street.

Can’t help but love it



We’ve definitely been craving a bit of innovation in the dress department, and we probably ended up with more than we bargained for. The runways were a playground of asymmetrical necklines, whether seen on edgy rubber dresses, high-slit leather dresses or elegant sequin ones. Even though they’re all quite bold, one simply can’t help but fall in love with the way the cuts play with the mind. Ultimately, when worn for the right occasion, dresses of this variety might not be that much of a risky choice after all. You just have to be smart about your timing and know you audience.

It’s a comeback



You know that in fashion what goes around comes back around, so after checking the denim trend report, we weren’t really surprised by the return of flared or even patchwork jeans. However, what we didn’t expect is the return of the ‘90s fun bodycon dress, and for some who weren’t old enough to rock it at the time, this will be quite refreshing. We have to admit that we don’t know whether the patchwork thing will stick, perhaps we’ve all had enough of the Americana vibes, but with the right trendy white ankle boots and perhaps a floral trench coat, the bodycon dress might just be something we could get on board with.

See it through



The Chanel spring line was a smashing success, and no one could take the classic Coco Chanel staple tweed and turn it into something new, yet retain the spirit of Coco like Lagerfeld has, but there is one thing that we couldn’t help but notice, and frankly, we’re not sure how we feel about it. Of course, we’re talking about the see-through PVC bags, boots and even bucket hats. Perhaps it’s all made from a superior kind of PVC, but a) who are the people who can pull this off in real life – aside from supermodels and fashion bloggers posing in front of Fashion Week venues and b) can the boots really protect us from the shifty spring weather and the impromptu showers? We’re definitely suspect, but if you feel like you can rock see-through like it’s nobody’s business, please, send the complete looks our way.  

The new naked dress



If you’ve seen any of the red carpets in the course of the last year, you’re probably aware that the naked dress is nothing new. Celebrities had us glued to the TV wondering whether or not they have underwear on. Well, this year’s lines took a more modest approach, so while the dresses and skirts were definitely sheer, we can say with certainty that underwear was present. In fact, it was probably their goal to make the underwear visible. It definitely solves the mystery, but the question that’s on our minds now is – are we mere mortals ready to party with our underwear in almost plain sight? Truth be told, these dresses are amazing, whether they’re pastel, filled with stripes or even plain white, but it takes a lot of confidence (and probably a killer body) to pull off a dress like this.

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