Men’s Fashion: How to Dress Like a Celebrity

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylist to help you get that perfect celebrity look? It would be nice, but also a little expensive. Fortunately, though, as long as you are pretty observant, you can easily create the same look and be your own stylist. All you need is just a little grooming and cool clothes. Check out this site for fantastic grooming products and clothes that can make you look like a celebrity.

So, do yourself a favor and look at what trends celebrities are following. Choose a style that you like and emulate that. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Leather Jacket

Nothing quite comes close to a leather jacket when it comes to looking effortlessly good. Choose a good quality piece, and it will last you for many years.

It is the perfect accessory to dress up a plain white t-shirt and jeans and make a statement.

Chelsea Boot

This is a very simple design, but that is part of its charm. These boots can literally go with any outfit that you have – from your jeans, through to shorts, etc. They are a little more on the casual side but can be considered smart enough to use as evening wear as well.


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A Luxury Suit

There really is no other item that says you have arrived quite as much as a luxury suit does. Italian designers have this down to a fine art.

The suits are expensive, but they will look great and last a very long time. Choose a classically styled suit that won’t look dated ten years from now and make sure that it fits you perfectly. If necessary, get a tailor to make alterations for a better fit.


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The Hoodie

To make your best celeb impression, you need to have a hoodie in your arsenal. Whip up the hood, pop on a pair of sunglasses, and you have the perfect celeb disguise.

You could choose to wear it as is or to wear it underneath your leather jacket or a bomber jacket.

A Bomber Jacket

These are great because they never really go out of style. They are not as casual as a hoodie, and not as “smart” as a leather jacket. This gives them the perfect balance between fun and style. You can use it with a longer shirt or over another jacket if you like.

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Some General Tips

Now that you have some idea of where to start, let’s look at some general tips that will help you to get that A-list look you are going for.

  • Quality over quantity: Do I buy five items at $50 or one at $500? That will depend on the item but think about this – how many wears will you get out of the item? If it is shoddily made, and you have to replace it later anyway, it is not a good purchase. Quality items, on the other hand, are a much better investment.
  • Ignore fashion trends that don’t work for you: A lot of us accumulate clothes over the years. The latest fashion comes out, and we jump on board and spend a fortune on new clothes. Some fads will work, others won’t. Before committing to a fad, make sure that it is something that you would actually look good in.
  • Invest in good jewelry: If you want to buy yourself a ring, that’s great. Just make sure it is a high-quality ring.

All in all, fashion is something that should make you look and feel good. If your clothes are not doing that for you, you need to rethink your strategy and change things up a bit.

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