Fun Activities To Get The Kids Outdoors

If your kids are getting too much screen time, then it may be time to get them outdoors. There is nothing wrong with being savvy with the latest technology. However, a break is always nice. Of course, finding something that’s a fun alternative can be tricky. Here are some great ideas to help you.

Go For A Bush Walk

You don’t need to climb a mountain or anything like that. A casual bushwalk in a nearby reserve makes a great outing for the kids. If there is interesting plant or animal life around, even better.

Just make sure the route isn’t too long and elevated for the young ones. Also, make sure you bring plenty of water if the weather is hot.

Treasure Hunt By Geocaching

You can add a spin to bushwalking by embarking on a geocaching hunt. You will need a handheld GPS device (any phone should do). You will also need to determine a geocache to hunt for (find one at

Go Camping

If a bush walk or geocaching isn’t enough of an outdoor experience, then consider going camping. You may want to have a dummy run in your backyard first. Teach the kids how to set up the tents. They can then spend a night sleeping out in the background. From there, it’s time for the real thing.

Trying out the tents in the backyard is also a good way to make sure they work properly.

If you don’t currently own a tent, or the one that you do own is a bit shabby, then check out to compare different types.

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Hit The Beach

Who doesn’t love a play in the sand? If the season is right, then it’s time to take a beach trip. Stock up on snacks, boogie boards, sunblock, and hats, and it’s time to go.

Just make sure you keep your kids safe while there. The sun and the water can both pose a danger.


Visit The Zoo

It’s pretty hard for a visit to the zoo to go wrong. Just the suggestion should instantly motivate your kids to put aside the phones and video games.

Get In The Garden

Gardening may sound like a boring chore to the uninitiated, however, this can all change when your kids experience the thrill of life sporting on their little plot of land. That’s why you should teach them the basics of gardening because you never know, it may turn into a lifelong passion. Get them started with simple tasks, such as digging small holes, planting seeds, and watering.

While they are waiting for their first seeds to sprout, you should give them something else to take care of. For example, consider purchasing them a sunflower each. Doing so will help maintain their interest in the meantime.

Spring Flowers

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these ideas will be enough to get your kids to disregard the electronics: at least for a little while. Getting outdoors can easily be fun for the whole family. You just need to pick the perfect activity to fully engage the young ones.

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