How to Channel the ‘It’ Athleisure Vibes

Athleisure seems to be the not only the talk of the town, but the entire globe. Everyone, from long-running fitness and gym lovers to passionate fashionistas, is jumping on board with this trend. At this moment, it appears to have even transcended the realm of trends and entered the lifestyle zone. Of course, being such a powerful fashion movement comes with a price, and that price comes in the form of constant innovation and reinvention. The designers and sports attire companies are constantly coming up with new ideas, new athleisure-inspired styles and designs, so let’s see which the latest ‘it’ athleisure shapes and forms are and how to rock them in real life.

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Sweet, sugar, candy girl



Not wanting to wait a nanosecond before getting a piece of the athleisure pie, the likes of designers such as Peter Pilotto took it upon themselves to create a more feminine and fitted version of the traditional tracksuit. The designs feature lots of pastels, satin as the main fabric and the always popular side-stripes. We already know pastels will dominate not only the spring and summer season, but will continue to rule throughout fall, so if you’re feeling like stepping away from frilly dresses while still maintaining a bit of pizzazz, definitely give the new tracksuit a chance. Oh, and don’t forget heels – tracksuits and heels are a new match made in heaven, so feel free to elevate the look (pun intended).

The original intent


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The athleisure trend appeared in order to fill a gap in not so much the market but lifestyle choices. Team sports are also getting more and more popular, and brands such as TWP Sports offer custom sports uniforms for the whole teams.

As an increasing number of people turned to the pursuit of fitness and wellness, but wanted to look good in case they need to run errands or head off to brunch afterwards, something had to change.  Both household and new sportswear brands upped their game in the ‘allure’ department, making sure the gym clothes they create are both functional and appealing. The result – amazing activewear lines that are full of millennial pink hues and flattering leggings which allow you to just throw on a great hoodie or a crop, put your hair in a bun and go about your day after finishing your workout. Of course, in order for the look to be ‘it’, pay attention to Bella Hadid – the queen of athleisure and always make sure you have the coolest sunglasses and a killer bag to make the look chic on top of sporty.

The experimental



Okay, it’s time to talk about the boldest athleisure look of the day – sneakers with everything, and by everything, we really mean everything. Sundresses, romantic white dresses, evening dresses – pair them all with your go-to pair of dad-sneakers – yes, please. Bring your classiest crossbody bag along, put makeup on, do your hair, and rock your high-end dress like a queen while still being comfortable. This is the dream – to look amazingly polished but not have to stand or walk in sky-high heels all day. You can wear sneakers with pencil dresses and conservative white shirts (although white tennis shoes might be a better fit with this combo). The contrast between both the romantic and the professional attire and the sneakers as the footwear of choice is turning out to be refreshingly fashionable, and women are here for this look. Why wouldn’t we be, it’s gorgeous and even kind of low-key.

Best of both worlds



You may have noticed this in every high-end and fast-fashion retail store – the abundance of sweatshirts. Sure, sweatshirts were always here, but now, we’re witnessing an upgrade in design, fit and colors. It’s clear these weren’t meant to be worn in the grocery store. No, these are made for a higher purpose, a higher look. With a great and interesting sweatshirt, you can opt for a tulle skirt, a plaid skirt, A-line, mini – the world is your oyster. You can rock them with slides, heels for a more polished look or sneakers for a stronger athleisure vibe. Culottes are also not off-limits, and if you throw on a nice oversized blazer – preferably a checkered one – you can even pull the look off at the office. This is the beauty of athleisure – it can take you anywhere, you just have to give in to it and play.

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