The Ultimate Gym Style Guide for Men and Women

Boys and girls, you really never know who might be watching you while you’re doing your crunches or squats. That being said, let’s go through a few ideas of how to improve your gym style.



Even though some guys won’t admit, they do care about their looks – not only in the gym, but all the time.

Gym clothes

First of all, wearing stained clothes is unforgivable. A muscular body won’t make up for a dirty t-shirt or ragged shorts. So, wash your gear regularly, and get rid of torn or old pieces of clothes.

If you are yet to get your body shredded, you’d probably want to hide those weak arms – not because you should be ashamed of yourself, but because you will look better knowing what your advantages and weaknesses are. So, beginners can opt for a simple and baggy t-shirt. On the other hand, guys who are already satisfied with their stature can pick a sleeveless t-shirt to accentuate their biceps.

Wearing trendy men’s gym shorts can significantly enhance your appearance if you choose the one that matches the rest of your equipment. If you know how to handle a monochromatic outfit, that’s great, but you’d probably want to avoid looking like a soldier in his uniform. Play with your clothes. If you don’t feel confident enough to do it by yourself, ask your female friend to give you a helping hand.


Did you know that a protein shaker bottle is basically your gym ID? You can’t afford to hold a filthy bottle if you want to stand out.

Also, before you hit the gym, put the longest black towel you have in your backpack. Not only will it help you to clean yourself up during a sweaty workout, but it will also make you look more masculine in the eyes of your fellow goers.



OK girls, it’s time to double-check whether your gym style is on point. While it’s pretty much certain that you’ve been aware of most of the ideas, seeing whether there is some room for style improvement won’t hurt.

Gym clothes

First things first – we are talking about a closed space where you’re supposed to feel comfortable enough to do demanding exercises. The physical activity tires you out, so you really need to make sure you’ll be wearing clothes that won’t hinder the efforts put into a workout.

When it comes to the upper area of your body, there’s a variety of options you can choose from. Some women prefer wearing just a  medium sports bra, while others wear tank tops, too. While the latter hide more skin, a medium sports bra is good if you prioritize comfort. You can put on both, but make sure they match each other well. For example, if the bra is floral, then only pick a monochrome t-shirt or tank top. In addition, t-shirts should be comfy enough to let you exercise normally. While you can always choose a baggy t-shirt if that feels better for you, remember that materials also matter. So, buy yourself a few sweat-absorbing t-shirts to wear them in the days when you don’t care whether you look like a modish girl or not.

Women spend many hours running on a treadmill. This means that you need quality leggings, or gym shorts, which look good and protect your legs and skin at the same time. For example, monochrome three-quarter leggings pair well with printed gym shoes.


The devil is in the details, isn’t it? Put your favorite bright-colored watch on, and try to find the towel in the same color.

Having a colorful hair band on probably won’t look too glamorous, but it will add a bit of charm to your outfit. The ponytail holder not only makes the workout much easier for every woman, but it can also turn out to be that final touch to your gym style that you’ve always lacked.


Whoever said that gyms are only for training has either been blind, or they simply needed a lesson in style. Joking aside, gyms are certainly not catwalks, but one can still look good with just a little bit of effort. It’s awesome if you can afford to wear branded gym clothes, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good.

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