How to Give the Entrance of Your Home the Wow Factor!

When it comes to interior design, the hallway is usually unfairly neglected. This shouldn’t be the case, because this room is the first impression people get when they enter your home. However, people often find the size and width of the entryway off-putting for any kind of creative design. Decorating the hallway doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. You can use the space at your disposal and amaze all your guests as soon as they open the door, while not losing the functionality this room desperately needs. Here are some tips that will help you get the wow factor into the first room of your house.

Paint it light

Since the entryway is usually very narrow, painting it in darker hues can create a claustrophobic look. To avoid this effect, use light colors, such as crisp white, beige, or light grey. This will visually expand the room and allow you to experiment with the rest of the design.

Play with the walls

A neutrally-painted foyer doesn’t have to be dull. It is enough to spruce up one wall to give it some extra pizzazz. This can be achieved with a fabulous wallpaper (patterned or textured), large artwork, or a planked wall.


A well-planned lighting scheme

Because the space is already cramped and dark, you have to put in some extra effort into planning the entryway lighting scheme. Proper illumination will produce a more welcoming atmosphere and a pleasant ambiance. If your foyer has windows, you are in luck, because natural light is always the best solution. If not, you can compensate that with skylights and an impressive chandelier or pendant.

Now double it up

Do you know how to double the amount of light in any room? It’s easy: just place a mirror on the opposite side of the lighting source (a window or a fixture). A floor-length mirror at the end of the entryway can also serve as an amazing decorative element.


Choose the right flooring

The entryway is a high-traffic area, and therefore it requires flooring material which can endure a lot of wear and tear, while still being aesthetically pleasing. The best option here is hardwood flooring, but you can also go with bamboo, laminate, and tiles.

Spruce it up

Don’t leave your floor bare. Give it extra liveliness and texture with a beautiful rug which will draw attention down. Choose an interesting design, such as braided wool, distressed hues, felted wool, tribal pattern or chunky jute.

A touch of life

A bouquet of flowers or a potted plant can breathe life into your home and provide a unique welcome to all your guests. Introducing some greenery or fresh blooms to your hallway is a simple and affordable change you can make today.


Address the storage issues

Too often our hallways end up like a landfill for piles of shoes, bags, umbrellas and other trinkets. This can ruin all your design efforts and make them completely useless. Here are some fantastic storage ideas that will save you from this hot mess:

  • Choose a great console table that can serve both as a décor element and a place to keep your things. Consoles make the perfect place to lean a mirror on, display a plant, or position a lamp.
  • Use a bench with a hidden storage or keep your belongings in woven baskets underneath a bench or console.
  • Hang a coat rack above the bench or use a closet as a coat rack (install coat hooks inside the closet).
  • Hang a floating shelf above the coat rack for displaying plants or storing small items.
  • Install hooks on the sides of the console to hang bags and umbrellas.

Add a personal touch

Finally, the entryway doesn’t have to be decorated strictly by the book. It is not a hotel. It is your home, and it should really look like that. Feel free to add elements such as your favorite artwork, a gallery wall, memorabilia from travels, and other story-tellers that will give the entryway your personal touch .


The next time you think about remodeling or redesigning your home, do not skip the hallway. The hacks we mentioned above will help you give that wow factor to the entrance of your home and set up a pleasant and warm welcome to your home.

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living.  Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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