Nerd out Over This! 4 Unique Ways to Make a Fashion Statement with Anime

Anime is a lifestyle choice with a unique sense of fashion. Occasionally, you find an anime character who shares your unique traits. Combine fashion and anime to show others how you feel using a few of these ideas.

Advertise for Good Friends

Connecting with people who feel and think like you can be tough. When you wear Anime fashion you show others what characters you like. It gives you a subtle way to signal your feelings to the Anime world.

Likewise, when you spot someone wearing Anime apparel it gives you an opportunity to talk to them. It can be easier to approach others and start a conversation when you have the same Anime series in common. Many Anime characters are loyal to their friends. You often see that same loyalty between friends who connect with Anime fashion statements.

Flash Anime for All to See

When casual clothing is in order, put your Anime friends on display for everyone to see. It does not matter if someone calls you a nerd, they are just jealous that they have no Anime characters in their own lives.

When you wear anime-themed clothing, like that from Capsule Corp Clothing, you show the world which Dragon Ball Z character you like. Your Anime displayed for everyone to see is what friendship is all about. Your fashion style gives you a way to fit in with others who relate to an Anime lifestyle.

Wear Anime Next to Your Heart

It is not always practical to wear clothing showing your favorite Dragon Ball Z character. Professional workplace attire may not include clothing with your Anime logo on display. You can always wear your Anime fashion anytime in subtle ways.

Wearing your a Dragon Ball tank top under your work clothes, for example, might give you a boost in confidence. No one else needs to know you wear your Anime to work. Only you know wearing your Anime friend shirt helps your creative process in the workplace. Besides, it gives you something to secretly smile about and make you feel good.

Geek Your Anime Attire

You no longer need to feel apart from the rest of the world. Geeks and nerds are in style and everyone wants to be like you. People seek you out when you rock your geek shirt or sweatshirt in old-school nerd style.

Now, everyone wants to be your friend when they discover your love of all things Anime and geeky. Have no fear when you wear your Anime themed-clothes every day of the week.

When you wear geeky Anime clothes you are never alone. Wear your nerd fashion with pride in the new Anime cool world.

About the author:

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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  1. It reminds me of the harajuku girls! Dressing up should be all about fun, so I love it when girls wear whatever they want!

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