How to Channel NY Instagram Influencers’ Style

The bigger the city, the bigger the number of fashionistas and influencers – that’s just how the cookie crumbles. So, where does one go to when in shortage of fashion inspiration? There are great cities with impeccably dressed people, but when it comes to following the latest trends, turning them upside down and making them their own, nobody does it like the women of New York City. This comes as no surprise, as NY women have always paid just a little extra attention to their style, whether they’re going to work, lunch or an evening out, and now, with a little help from Instagram, they not only get to spread their fashion influence but also grace us with endless styles to emulate, so let’s go and do it.

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How to channel whites and pastels


If you’ve been loving the pastel trend but aren’t certain how to rock it in real life, just take a little tour of Emily Luciano’s Instagram feed. You will find nothing short of white, stripe and pastel perfection, so there is a plethora of looks of this variety to snag, but the one we’re craziest about is definitely the look featuring a pair of white high-rise jeans and a shirt in the same color, to which the puffed sleeves and big golden buttons add just a touch of drama. Of course, this killer and simple summer look couldn’t be completed without one of the trendiest bag of all – the woven basket bag, structured statement earrings and killer eyewear. Totally doable and appropriate for anything the day throws at you, and most of all, absolutely stunning.

Prime colors galore


The woman who needs no introduction is probably already present on your Instagram feed, but this is all the more reason to mention her. Alexa Chung is known (among many things) for her impeccable but nonchalant, almost French style, and is usually caught in regular jeans and an interesting tee. Of course, this is always a foolproof look for those hot Saturday afternoons, but when the time comes to shine, be it a pool party, a cocktail party, or a romantic dinner, one of the best ways to make an impression is with a bright yellow dress. The one she is rocking has that gorgeous flow to it, romantic ruffled sleeves for added romance, and the touch of black on the hem of the sleeves just makes things more interesting. Prime colors are one of summer’s biggest trends, so find your go-to color and then snag a gorgeous dress so you’re ready to impress.

Beachy sass


While we’re amazed by the mad styling skills of Lauren Caruso in general, we thought it’s high time to pay attention to what the influencers are wearing to the beach these days, and according to this Instagram queen, minimal white bikinis with high-thing ‘90s-vibing bottoms are the way to go. Of course, straw hats are a must and the bigger the brim, the better. If you don’t know where to look for a sizzling hot bikini, the very sexy Mint Athletic athletic swimwear collection is here to tempt you to unleash the sensual beach goddess.

Oh, my, gold!


Em, also known as The lipstick fever is your classic beachy-waved blond stunner and honestly, it’s difficult to choose which look to copy from her, because as you scroll, each is better than the previous. However, given that Versace gave us major gold envy during the iconic spring show, it’s only natural to want to spice things up with a splash of gold. This ensemble Em had on which consists of a golden yellow strappy plunging V-neck top and sleek and breezy wide leg pants, a simple red clutch and open toe sandals is your next major event must-have, because this look can literally stop traffic. Of course, as Rihanna says, you can’t be a real stunna without a red lip, so make sure to add this as your only accessory and you’ll be ready to slay them.

Supermodel off-duty vibes


Sometimes a girl just wants to spend a casual hot afternoon walking around, or having brunch, or in the case of prettyproperquaint, just taking her corgi out. This look reminds us of those casual killer looks supermodels rock on their off-duty days, and it’s so simple and doable that you’ll want to wear it as soon as today. Just find your simple strappy top that’s probably buried somewhere among all your tees, throw on that plaid pencil skirt (plaid was huge in summer and its magnitude is yet to subside, so we know you have one). Now, to achieve that supermodel vibe, you need a belt bag – you’ve probably given into this trend as well, and a pair of loafers that match your skirt. In the spirit of athleisure, you can always go with a pair of sneakers and make things even more interesting, or take an even trendier route with a pair of Birkenstocks – another iconic shoe that is back in style.

Some are casually stunning, and some are completely extra – but that’s NYC women for you – versatile all the way. Whatever your style persona is, you are bound to find your style muse, as all of these ladies have different but equally amazing views of what constitutes a killer look, so there is always someone you can turn to when your creative juices need a little push.

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