Dance-Inspired Looks To Consider For The Summer

Fashion is a business unlike any other. Fashion designers watch many genres of clothes. They watch the super-star designers, they watch the red carpets, they watch what people are actually wearing, and they watch the other industries.

Featured Photo by Emily Sea on Unsplash

Dancers have an opportunity that no one else in the fashion does. Due to the nature of dance and the emotions it ignites, their costumes can be anything from ancient days to futuristic imaginations. But, it is not only the costumes that catch the eyes of fashion designers.


A fad may make it to the commercial shops for a while. But they will fade away. An example of that would be Hammer pants. Hammer Pants were also called parachute pants, but the masses did and still do call them Hammer pants. They were wildly colored and huge, and instantly made famous by singer M. C. Hammer, who wore them to perform. By the end of the 90’s they were a distant memory.

Leotard half-shirts and bodysuits

Women in the hot fashion world may think they are making the tight halter short blouse famous, but they and all the leotard fashion tops, suits, and crisscross suits were part of every ballerina gear for years. A dancer has to move a fluid-like manner. She must wear clothes like they are a second skin. So many girls leotards to choose from.Then the layers that are added are what makes these needed items for dance, modern fashion in the commercial world.

Here are some examples of clothes that hit the world of fashion, but started on the dance floor:

  • Leotards (bodysuits) with high waisted pants
  • Leotard half tops
  • Legwarmers
  • Commercial Hip Hop outfits
  • Sparkled shoes


Photo by Afa Ah Loo on Unsplash

This summer

As more current dancers merge into the clothing styles, you will find more clothes that can be worn for an average day.  However, you will find more items that are made of finer fabrics, satin ribbons, and even shoes with leather souls. The styles they offer will satisfy the modern ballerina trend. Who better to judge.

Over a period of few years, swimwear became almost nothing at all. But the fashion industry took things too far over the line. Some of the designers hardly covered the essentials. However, they lost their fashion.

A true beauty, a fashion goddess, wears clothing that inspires beauty. It enhances the model. She desires suits that cover while it tantalises. When she moves, her body is smooth and her body leaves enough to be desired. This is why you will see more coverage of the backside, and more control and lift to the breast. The hips can be seen and interesting cuts, fabrics that flatter.

As you are shopping this year, pay attention to bathing suits, pre-ripped tights, swimsuits and accessories. Then compare them to the fashion magazines. Anyone can dress in fashion model clothing. They just have to be honest with themselves about their own bodies and enhance the good and camo the unflattering parts of her body.

While you are looking, take a walk through history. Change your thinking. Commercialism does not mimic fashion. Dance is, and always has been the leader.

Take the lead. Be the one brave enough to wear what you want. You may be the next fad and that is no small thing.

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