Millennial Shape the Future of Work

What can we say about the millennials other that all the aspects of life depend on them? It’s an already known fact that they influence and dictate the fashion rules, but they are also changing the future of work, as well. According to a research, the millennial workforce will represent more than 75% of the total workforce in the next ten years which means that they will definitely change everything we’ve known about work so far. And things are slowly changing, for that matter. Take a look at the most important changes that this superpower called millennials implemented in the nature of work:


Different priorities

The millennials’ priorities and the attitude towards work in general differs very much from the past generations. The most important proof behind this is that money per se doesn’t play such a big role (even though it surely does play), but it’s the mission of the company they’re working for that seals the deal. According to a study conducted by an American Express magazine, 62% of the working millennials stated that it’s important to them to make a positive difference in the world. They know that a company has to be loyal if it asks for its employees to be such. Moreover, another thing that’s crucial to all millennials is that they enjoy the work they do, and have a good work-life balance.


The right tech solutions

If you ask a millennial to send a fax, do you think he or she will know how to do that? Not quite, and if they do, they surely won’t be happy about it knowing there are many other ways to get that document to the other side. If a company really wants millennials to work for them (and they should, because they represent the most creative and hard-working force at the moment), they need to invest in the right technology that will make the millennials comfortable and motivated to finish their work. They have so much on their plate living and working in such an economy, so it’s very important for them not to lose time using old-school technology if there’s a faster way of finishing a certain task.

Flexibility is the most wanted

It could be due to the fact that most of them grew up in households where the word “downsizing” was very common, so they know that the idea of a steady job is insecure. This is why flexibility and gig-jobs are extremely popular among millennials at the moment. Moreover, there is a plethora of other ways they earn money if they cannot find a company they will be happy working for; and most of them are working online. Many of them know how to earn money online and opt for jobs such as filling out surveys because it’s quite easy, they’re familiar with the technology and it can be done from the comfort of their own home. That way they enjoy in their freedom and independence, while working exactly how much they want or need, without any boss telling them what to do, and away from companies whose politics they disagree with. Is there a better way than to work from an exotic destination next to a beach?


Side jobs are popular

Speaking of online jobs, many millennials use them as side jobs. This phenomenon has become extremely popular as it’s an easy way to earn a bit more on the side. However, not all side jobs are like this, as there are others that can sprout from their hobbies. Think of Instagram influencers, for example – they are doing something that they perceive as a hobby and something they really like, and still they make money out of it. Others turn to YouTube in their free time, and choose whatever niche they want to make videos for. This is the proof that loving what you’re doing can really pay off, even though most people from previous generations cannot really understand how such platforms can seriously be enough to make a living.


The future of CEOs

Millennials do indeed represent a big percentage of the workforce, but it’s still a member of a past generation that is the common CEO. This also slowly changes and will continue to do so tremendously in the years to come until, finally, millennials become the most dominant CEOs. The main idea they have is that the work challenges are mostly about people. This means that they are looking for equally paid jobs, paying employees fairly, flexibility, and relevant rewards. Even though profitability and performance are still on the list, they are further down on the list. The CEOs of the future will definitely have to do more people planning and taking care of his or her employees, treating them with respect.

Even though travelling opportunities and the dress code are also things the millennials are changing in the business world, these are the changes that are visible even today. And who knows what else will change in the years to come, when Gen X starts representing the workforce.

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