Shopping List – Orchard Toys Review

A few years ago we were initiated into Orchard Toys when a friend gave as the ‘Shopping list’ board game. It has been our favourite since then. It is appropriate for kids over 3 years old and it can be fun for the whole family.

Orchard Toys are fun learning games which help children develop their social and communication films and it can be a challenge for your observation and memory skills.


The box contains 4 trolleys, 4 shopping lists and 32 item cards. I recently found out that new shopping lists have been released so that you can refresh your game and also make it possible for more than 4 people to take part.


To be the first who fills your trolley with the items on your shopping list.

To play

It requires at least 2 players. Each player chooses a trolley and a shopping list.

In turns you pick one of the item cards which are spread out face downwards.

If the card you have picked shows an item from your shopping list, you place it on your trolley. If not, you have to place it back and the others need to remember where it is in case they need it for their trolley.


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The player who fills his/her trolley with all the items on their shopping list first is the winner. The other players can continue until all the players fill their trolleys.

The items are written in English, but the images make it easy for everyone to know what each object is. In case your kids are learning English as a foreign language, this is also a nice way for them to learn new words. The instructions are available in many languages.

This is a very amusing game that both boys and girls are going to like it and as it is easy to carry thanks to the small carton packaging you can take it with you to your trips.

We have also purchased other Orchard Toys that I would like to present to you too.

Have you tried any?



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