Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Garden Retreat

When forming your garden, you need to think about three major areas. First, you need to consider what is beautiful, second, you need to think what is pragmatic and third, you need to find those special elements that contribute to the ambiance of the garden as a whole. With that in mind, here are several tips that will help you create a gorgeous garden retreat in your backyard, even on a tight budget.

Double-seat swing

The first thing you need to consider is a seating solution and here, you can either purchase or make one on your own. For those who find a double-seat swing to be… well, not to their liking, they can always opt for a hammock instead. As for the choice of the swing, you have to consider several important factors. First, you need to think about the frame, which often comes in metal, wood or resin. The resin is by far the most frugal – yet, it’s the least durable of the three. Metal is, of course, the most durable of the three – yet, it’s the least beautiful. As for the wooden frame, it’s both beautiful and expensive.

Other than this, you also need to think about the cushions and the canvas. Here, you need to consider the maintenance over the duration of the entire year. Waterproof cushions are the best course of action for those who can’t be bothered to move these cushions into a shed every time there’s a couple of clouds in the sky. Nonetheless, not every swing has removable cushions, in which case, going with waterproof is even more important. A similar thing goes for the canvas, which is why polyester or a water-repellent fabric may be the safest choice.

Self-sustainable garden

When you decide to form a lawn, plant a vegetable garden or even get some shrubbery for your backyard, you’re not just making a one-time decision. What you’re doing is making a long-term commitment to maintain this place, and how much work this takes depends on your own ambition. Now, there are some plants that are, generally speaking, easier to maintain than some others. Still, this sometimes depends on the location as well.

The local climate, endemic plants, amount of water in the soil and air are just some of the factors worth considering. Based on this, you can make a self-sustainable garden or at least a beautiful biome that’ll find it easy to thrive in your local region. For instance, when working on a garden in a New South Wales, Australia, the safest course of action would be to consult resident experts for landscape architecture in Sydney. In this way, you’re not using a one-size-fits-all method of dubious efficiency but a hand-tailored plan that’s bound to give you some outstanding results.

Play with the four elements

One interesting concept that you could try to introduce in your garden is the inclusion of all four elements of nature – fire, water, earth and air. Now, air, earth and water are quite easy to fit into your garden, especially if you’re using an irrigation system or plan to install a miniature fountain. However, fire can be quite tricky. An outdoor fireplace is a good idea, yet, it’s also quite expensive and may require a deck in order to fit thematically. A miniature fire pit, on the other hand, is an entirely different thing. You don’t even have to go with real fire. An outdoor lighting system (LED one) can be its visual and thematic representation.


Shade, shade, shade

Previously, we’ve mostly discussed a romantic setting, one meant for the evening, however, during the day, you’ll have a hard time staying in the shade and out of the harmful radiation of the sun. Now, a double-seat swing with a canvas can be a simple solution to this problem, yet, it limits your movement quite a bit. A parasol is another idea, yet, it’s A) not as beautiful and B) poses an obstacle in your garden. Instead, install a shade sail or a retractable awning. Those with a bigger budget may even consider making a gazebo or a pagoda.


The last thing you need to understand is the fact that the amount of work necessary depends only on your ambition. A neat backyard with a seating solution can do the trick, as well. Nonetheless, it’s a waste not to use all this potential.


Author’s bio:

Robert Clayton is a blogger with a degree in engineering based in Sydney. His interests and passions include DIY, green technologies and home improvement. He also loves good food, music, dogs and enjoys spending time by the ocean. He’s a regular contributor for Smooth Decorator, An Australian Home improvement website.


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