Personal Style: 4 Accessories to Add for a Unique Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe may have become all the rage, but it generally depends on having a small number of neutral items of clothing that can easily be mixed and matched. While this may be great for cutting down on laundry, closet space and dry cleaning bills, it can also inhibit your ability to express your personal style. Thankfully, you can still accomplish this by investing in some great signature accessories to put your own spin on the most basic pieces. Here are 4 accessories to add for a unique wardrobe.


Scarves are incredibly versatile accessories that can both dress up a rather plain outfit and even become an article of clothing in and of themselves. From wrap skirts to halter tops, you can use a scarf to dress up an outfit, add a touch of luxury to cold weather wear or create an entirely new article of clothing.


Purses and handbags are a great way to show off your personal style. From brightly hued messenger bags to vintage Chanel clutch bags to modern duffels you can add a touch of flare to any outfit with a great bag.


There is little that will put more of a personal touch to your wardrobe or show off your personal flare more than jewelry. The best part is, you can even wear subtle pieces to the office that highlight some of your less-than-professional interests and tastes. From Mickey Mouse pendants to mood rings to earrings suitable for the wizarding world, jewelry helps you put your unique spin on even the most buttoned-down suit.


Belts are a great way to not only show off your style but also transform certain pieces to give you a wide range of looks. A simple shift dress can be belted to create a peasant top or belted to wear with a blazer. A wide belt will also completely transform the look of a long button-down or can even be worn high to create an empire waist.

Capsule wardrobes can save a great deal of money and space, but they can also be somewhat bland, boring and plain. With the right accessories, however, you can mix and match your basic staple pieces to create hundreds and hundreds of different looks. You may only keep 20-30 items of clothing in your closet, but with the right accessories, no one will know you don’t have a closet filled to overflowing with clothing.

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