DIY: Beads Spider Pendant

Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having a spider on their body. But what about a spider made of beads? I got this idea of this spider necklace somewhere before Halloween. I wanted to make a necklace with a pendant a little spooky. You can use the same design to make earrings or just decor to hang around the house. 

For the spider pendant I used beads and wire. For the main part of the spider I chose some larger crystal beads which I put on a piece of wire which I bended at the ends. Then I selected clear glass beads to make the insect’s legs. I made four of them which I wrapped around the first piece of wire with the crystals and they created eight spider legs. With a pair of pliers I bended the wire and sealed these beads too.

When the pendant was finished I hung it on nylon coated wire, which is very convenient for necklaces.

Of course you can use other colours for your spider and longer pieces of wire to make your pendant larger.

If you make a necklace using wire, there are appropriate ends and clasps to finish it. In this case I made loops at the two edges of the wire which I closed with small round stops. I also used two hoops and a clasp.

What’s your relationship with insects? Would you wear a necklace with a spider on?

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