10 Ways to Wear a White Shirt This Season

We give you all the tricks to find the perfect white shirt for you and the keys to transform this classic with the help of accessories and basic trends for this season by www.fabricsyard.com

  1. Elegant, Like Charlize Theron

The white shirt is the perfect complement to a men’s tuxedo suit; but if you want to give it a hyper-feminine air, open the shirt completely to wear a sexy, daring and very flattering neckline, like Charlize Theron’s at the Cannes film festival.

  1. Natural, As Cristina Brondo

The collarless shirt is a very attractive option that lets you wear a cleaner and clearer neckline. The simplicity of this garment allows you to combine it with a necklace or accessory without seeing yourself reloaded. A good option if you are of an athletic constitution with wide shoulders and also for a bulky chest.

  1. Alexa Chung, Total Look

The styling of the English girl triumphs for its simplicity. She has combined her white shirt with white pants, which gives a very clean and minimalist image, also accentuated by the total absence of accessories. The success is also in the tissues. The pants are an informal cowboy that contrasts perfectly with the silky and elegant fabric of her white shirt.

  1. With A Loop, Like Elena Perminova

The Russian girl is a woman with a lot of style, who knows how to defend a garment as trendy as the shirt with lacing. Combines it with caramel leather trousers that further enhance the lightness of the shirt fabric, giving it the total prominence in the look.

  1. The Minimalism Of Karolina Kurkova

The model has chosen a white shirt with no adornment, without pockets, flaps or cuffs. And he has buttoned it up, which is the latest trend. In order not to break the purity of the shirt, he has chosen a bag and a jean of the same color. A perfect look if your style is sober modernity.

  1. The Freshness Of Macarena Garcia

The white shirts of lightweight fabrics like viscose or silk are much less rigid than the classic poplin, so they give a fresh and informal look. Do as Macarena and remove it to look skin and see you more favored. If you combine it with black pants, you will have a timeless and chic ensemble.

  1. Classical, As Nieves Alvarez

The classic closet bottom shirt like the one that Nieves wears has to be perfectly adjusted to the width of your shoulders and slightly fitted to your body, marking the silhouette but without tightening. If you combine it with a blue straight cowboy, you will get a fashion-proof uniform.

  1. Knotted, Like Olivia Palermo

This New York influencer is an expert in taking advantage of her small silhouette. Here, she has chosen a white shirt with a very masculine straight cut, which she adapts to her measurements by rolling it up and knotting it at the waist. The shirt is the ideal complement to the embroidered leather skirt, a very special piece that enhances the simplicity of the shirt.

  1. With Suede, As Miranda Kerr

This look of the Victoria’s Secret model has enchanted us by the intelligent mix of styles. On the one hand, the classic elegance of the shirt and white pants; and on the other, the boho chic style of the fringed suede jacket. The cut, both of the shirt and the pants, is loose, but the jacket is very structured, with the marked shoulders provides the most fitted element that balances the look.

  1. Male, As Victoria Beckham

The English designer has taken a shirt inspired by the male tuxedo, with her chest included, and has changed her context completely, combining it with an informal cowboy. The original touch is added by the sports bag carried as a handbag, worthy of a fashion insider.


The basics are reinvented season after season and, on this occasion, the white shirt is imposed as the best weapon to give your look a different and elegant touch. As is very flattering, you have no problem making it the undisputed star of your looks and make her different styles, such as our gallery of images .


Find The Perfect White Shirt

To find the perfect white shirt, first look at the fabric. Ideally, a cotton poplin thin and soft to the touch, but at the same time not transparent. If you opt for a fitted shirt, the fabric should have some elastic fiber in its composition to give greater freedom of movement. As for the shape, there are two basic lines, the straight masculine style and the most feminine notch:

  • The male shirt. To make you feel a good choice it slightly large, that in your widest part, be it chest, belly or hip, a pair of fingers over each side. If the sleeves are a little long or the neck a little big does not matter, this shirt style feels better with the buttons unbuttoned to show skin and look more stylized, and with the cuffs rolled up. Choose it if you are straight, have a tummy or are very thin.
  • The fitted shirt. When you go to buy it, pay attention to everything that does not squeeze you anywhere. You have to outline your silhouette but without marking it, since that would make you look fatter. Before buying it, fasten all the buttons to chest height and make sure that the flap does not open, even when you move your arms. Then look at your back to see that the bra straps or the michelin are not marked under the arm.

What Do I Wear It With?

The white shirt combines with almost everything, although we recommend that you forget it for the typical formal look with the suit jacket and that you combine it with other more current garments.

  • With a black skirt. Get a baggy white shirt and wear it rolled up to give you that carefree French air that we like so much. As for the skirt, opt for a flared cut and in leather or with some distinctive detail. You will succeed.
  • With wide pants. In the purest style of Annie Hall, the character played by Diane Keaton in the 70s. The shirt for this style is fluid and feminine, perfect to contrast with the masculinity of wide leg pants.
  • With sweatshirt give a sporty and sophisticated look to your look by wearing the white shirt with joggers and a sweatshirt. Let the blouse stand out between the pants and the sweater.

And At Night?

Combine it with a jacket or tuxedo pants for a very masculine chic style like Saint Laurent. Or with a flying skirt, for a more glamorous lady look. It is also perfect to wear with luxurious fabrics, such as brocades or sequins, as it lightens the formality of these pieces and gives them a modern touch.

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