5 Tips for Boosting Your Creativity

Yes, we know that getting into creative mode usually is spontaneous for a lot of people, but there will always be times when you simply can’t do anything about it – even sometimes when you need it most. However, finding a creative solution to a problem or staying creative in general doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably think. If you want to learn how to make it happen, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five awesome tips for boosting your creativity, so check them out and get down to business!


Surround yourself with things that inspire you

In case you weren’t aware of it, your surroundings play a huge role in the creative process, which is exactly why you should surround yourself with things that inspire you. That’s right – stimulating environments can speed up the creative thought process and take it to a whole new level, so make sure to complement your environment with stuff and details that you find inspiring and motivating. No matter if you love freshly picked flowers, family photos, or artwork by your favorite artists, just add them to your office space and let them inspire and energize you every day.


Go out for a walk

Even though it sounds obvious, let us say it once again – people tend to be more creative when they’re walking rather than when they’re sitting down, so take advantage of that and go out for a walk. Even a brisk 15-minute walk can do wonders for your overall well-being, so don’t wait any longer and boost your cognitive abilities right away. This is essential if you’re tied to an office desk on a daily basis, so go for a quick walk, get some fresh air, and you’ll see what we were talking about!


Work with the right supplies

This one is particularly true if you’re all about creating art, which means that you should always work with the right supplies if you want to come up with the best final result. For example, if you’re a painter situated in Australia, the first thing you should do is to get quality art supplies in Sydney. These include everything from acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints (depending on your technique of choice), to palettes, paintbrushes, palette knives, and other painting tools you can possibly need. Once you have everything you need, your creative process can kick off!


Pick up a new hobby

Yes, we know that it probably sounds a bit irrelevant, but you know what? Picking up a new hobby can actually help you challenge yourself in ways you haven’t before, which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to boosting your creativity. Apart from making you feel thrilled about doing new things and taking part in different activities, your new hobbies can also open doors to new communities and allow you to meet people and make friends. These are the benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked, so take this into consideration and you’ll see that we were right!


Spend some time meditating

Did you know that some types of meditation are linked to an increase in creative thinking? That’s right, which is why you should embrace this amazing relaxation technique and rely on it to boost your creativity. It’s very important that you’re playful with your meditation simply because overthinking tends to kill creativity and make you feel super tense. Guided meditation is a great idea, as well as silent meditation, so pick a type according to your personal preferences and you won’t make a mistake!


As you can see, there are so many fantastic ways to boost your creativity on a daily basis, and these five unquestionably are the best ones out there. So, if you desperately need to get more creative, just stick to your tips and you’ll make it happen. That’s a promise!


About the author:

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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