Fashionable Sight—5 Great Look Ideas with Glasses

About 64% of the world’s population wears glasses to correct their vision. While glasses might seem like a practical need, they can also be a fantastic fashion statement. If you’re one of the many people who sports spectacles, these five fashionable styles will keep you looking good and seeing well.

What Goes Around

Circular frames are a trend that has been making the rounds recently. This modern style is sure to make you stand out, but be aware that not everyone can pull them off well. Round glasses on a round or heart-shaped face can be very unflattering, but they’re perfect to balance out a square or long face.

Just Like Buddy Holly

It’s been more than six decades since rock legend Buddy Holly graced the stage, but his signature eyewear style lives on. Get your jive on by rocking your own pair of the thick, black-rimmed glasses first popularized by the late singer in the 1950s. A perennial favorite, this vintage style looks great on guys and gals alike.

Feeling Feline

Cat eye glasses are another vintage classic that never goes out of style. These thick frames with upturned corners are very feminine and flattering on any face shape. Cat eye frames are also available in many variations from soft and subtle to flashy and flamboyant. Pair them with a high-waisted skirt, round-toed heels and a cardigan for full-on fifties flair.

Top Gun

Thanks to Tom Cruise, aviator sunglasses were all the rage in the 1980s. Now the style is resurfacing with a more refined touch and without the dark tint. Aviator frames are perfect for men or anyone who wants to add a masculine, rugged touch to their style. Their metal construction also makes them both lightweight and durable.

Incognito Mode

Is minimalism more your speed? Consider a pair of trendy rimless frames. This style attaches a metal bridge and two earpieces directly to the lenses for a look that’s barely there. If you hate how you look in glasses but don’t want to go the contacts route, rimless frames provide a great compromise.

Any glasses shop or online store with a style savvy emphasis, such as Cohen’s Fashion Optical, should be able to provide to your needs. Got 20/20 vision? Don’t worry. You can still rock stylish eyewear without the prescription by picking up a pair of fashion frames. You can even recycle your friends’ old pairs by replacing the corrective lenses with plain plastic. Consider adding a UV coating to your fashion lenses to protect your peepers from the sun’s rays and reduce your risk of cataracts.

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