4 Gorgeous Females You Won’t Believe To Be Serial Killers

Whether we like it or not, the world is full of evil people who only love to spread pain and suffering. Throughout history, the number of mass murderers is overwhelming. The crimes and torture they create are unimaginable. Take, for example, Adolf Hitler. He was responsible for more than 10 million deaths. 

His lackeys, such as Joseph Mengele and Heinrich Himmler, conducted experiments on people that are too graphic to even describe in this article. Their operations and tests bordered between science and mysticism. Indeed, these people are genuinely evil and just want the world to suffer. 

In the world of serial killers, however, beautiful women are supposed never to come up. There’s actually a lot of women serial killers who are drop-dead gorgeous. Literally, they make whoever is close to them drop dead. Though they have angelic faces, they often have evil intentions. 

The reasons why these women commit crimes can be very mind-boggling. Some have reasons such as theft, or they want to exact vengeance, some just like to kill, while others just don’t have a good reason. These women aren’t the ones you should take home to mom and dad.

Here are some women who literally have looks that will kill.

Irma Grese

Another of Hitler’s lackeys, Irma Grese, served under the SS or Schutzstaffel, a special unit within the Nazi regime. She worked as an Aufseherin, a particular group of women jail guards responsible for choosing gas chamber victims. She sent an unknown number of women and children into the gas chambers. Some investigators suspect her victims to be in the hundreds or even thousands.

Prisoners especially feared women jail guards because they were more sadistic than men in using dogs to torture and kill prisoners. Irma Grese also had a reputation for enjoying most of the crimes done in her camp. Due to her reputation and charming looks, she earned the nicknames Hyäne von Auschwitz or The Hyena of Auschwitz and the Beautiful Beast.

She was captured by the British in Ravensbrück when the Germans began suffering major losses in the war. As she stood trial, many of her victims told tales of unimaginable horrors she did at the concentration camps. Irma was sentenced to death by hanging on December 13, 1945.

Elizabeth Bathory

Even before the Nazis rose to prominence, history has been full of mass murderers. One of those murderers is Elizabeth Bathory, a.k.a. The Blood Countess. She was a Hungarian noblewoman who was part of the Bathory family that owned land in Hungary.

Elizabeth Bathory is considered to be the most prolific female murderer, responsible for over 650 deaths. And that’s only the recorded number. She was also known for murdering young women between 1585 and 1609. Her atrocities include freezing or burning people alive, putting honey on naked women for ants to feed on, and, most famously, bathed in the blood of her victims. 

She was eventually captured, put on trial, and jailed. She died of unknown causes in solitary confinement in the year 1614. You can find other tales like those of Elizabeth Bathory on sites such as mysteriousheartland.com

Vera Renczi

Vera Renczi, also known as the Black Widow, was a Romanian serial killer who used arsenic to poison her victims. Born in Bucharest, she was known to flirt with older men. At the age of 20, she married a wealthy Austrian banker whom she suspected of cheating. In a rage, she secretly poisoned the wine that his husband was drinking with arsenic. 

She evaded capture by mourning excessively. She also told family members that she was not around the time of murders due to the abuse she had received from her husband. Since then, Vera remarried and again used arsenic to poison her husband due to cheating. The Black Widow was eventually caught as suspicion rose about the murders around her.

At trial, she confessed to having poisoned and killed 32 men on just the slight suspicion of infidelity. She also ended up murdering one of her sons. She was found guilty of all the murders and was imprisoned for life, where Vera would ultimately die. 

Estibaliz Carranza

Truly one of the most gorgeous women in this list is Estibaliz Carranza. This woman is the true definition of a femme fatale. Pouty lips, eyes to die for, blond hair, and an attractive body, it’s no wonder why men fell to their doom when they met the Estibaliz, a.k.a. “The Ice Cream Killer.” 

She gained the nickname due to having owned an ice cream parlor. The reason why the Ice Cream Killer killed many men was that she only wanted to become a mother. Her crimes included shooting her husband in the back of the head and dismembering her other victims with a chainsaw. She hid the corpses in her shop’s cellar. 

Estibaliz Carranza was eventually caught and put on trial. The media was particularly attracted to her due to her angelic face and calm demeanor. Due to her mental issues and violent nature, she’s currently serving time in a men’s prison in Austria as no women’s prison would take her in. 


Forget about despicable; forget about bad. The women mentioned on this list are downright evil. You wouldn’t expect a beautiful woman to have murdered thousands of people, but they do exist. They even have creepy nicknames such as The Blood Countess, Hyena of Auschwitz, The Black Widow, and Ice Cream Killer. Truly frightening, these women serial killers are unlike any you’ve heard of before.

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