So perfect – Poem

‘When is it going to be morning?’ he asks.

But you need to sleep first before the Sunrise.


I’m mourning for something never had anyway.

Feeling your pain, my head aches.


Let’s pretend it’s fine.

Look at me, I’m good at hiding.


We need to fall asleep before the morning comes.

Fate wasn’t gentle, but we still have God.


Our lives were written with bad handwriting

and I’m trying to read between the lines.


Oh, how I hate that letter A is red.

They won’t understand what you’re saying.


In the middle of nowhere,

But I always feel there’s someone out there.


I’m not scared, but my heart trembles.

The nights are harder than the days.


You’re the best person I’ve known,

How I wish you could fit in this world.


Life is a gift they say.

Let’s unwrap it. Be careful, it breaks.


You whisper in my ear.

Love is all I hear.


How can you be so perfect?

I can see colours in the letters.


This world could be so perfect

If they saw the colours in your letters.


I could be so perfect,

But I can see colours in the letters.



Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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