Diesel Loverdose Eau de Parfum Review

If the design of the bottle plays a role on the fragrances you choose, then there is a big chance that you‘ll go for this perfume. I got Diesel Loverdose eau de parfum in a set box with a shower gel and a body lotion. Its name is a word play, it could mean ‘Lover dose’ or ‘Love overdose’.


It is a sweet and warm scent and very feminine.

On my skin it is very subtle. Although it is described as a spicy perfume, it is very soft.


Licorice, star anise and white flowers, like vanilla and gardenia, are the most prominent notes to me.

Who is it for?

Who ever likes it of course, I have explained that before. But in my opinion, whereas I have read it is more suitable for younger ages, I think more mature ladies would prefer it.


I prefer it for autumn and winter, but I don’t think it would be unsuitable for warmer days either. It is the type of scent that can be worn at any time and every place, like at a work environment. Yesterday I wore it at the cinema.

Would I buy it again?

Although it is a nice fragrance, it wouldn’t be one of my first choices to repurchase. I still haven’t finished the first bottle which is supposed to have expired. (Did you know that perfumes expire? We’ll talk about it in another post). But its smell hasn’t changed and I wear it from time to time. For my taste it lacks some character and since the first time I used it, my feelings have been neutral.

I have read about similarities between this perfume and Lolita Pempicka. Although they share same notes like licorice and vanilla, I find Lolita Lempicka more noticeable, stronger, sweeter and more special. Nevertheless, it is a perfume I used to love when I was much younger and don’t feel like wearing it anymore. I can say I would exchange the bottles in these two perfumes as Lolita is more violet and more intense.


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