4 Ideas for Your Birthday Wishlist This Year

Figuring out what you want for your birthday can be confusing. After all, there are so many choices to consider. Here are a few ideas for your birthday wishlist you might like.

Something Handmade

Handmade items are often unique and original. These can make exceptional birthday gifts for your wife since they’re meaningful. A few examples of handmade items include a knitted scarf, natural soaps, sweet treats, a painting or a jewelry box. You can find handmade gifts on places like Etsy, or ask someone to make you something themselves. One of the things that can make them unique are the imperfections. Besides this, each time you look at your gift, you can feel a personal connection.

Do a Hobby

Gain a new skill, or build on an old one by putting hobby items on your wishlist. If you enjoy doing art, you might wish for a paint set, instructional drawing book, art museum membership or set of art magazines. Further, you can enroll in an art class and bring your new art supplies with you to use. Other hobbies you might want to try are creative writing, gardening, cooking or pottery, among others. Hobbies allow you to spend time doing what you enjoy.

For Nature Lovers

If you love nature or want to spend more time outdoors, consider putting nature-related items on your wishlist. For instance, you might want a set of gardening tools, vegetable or herb seeds, or some colorful gardening gloves. Other ideas include a nature-themed coloring book, flowers, a landscape painting or birdhouse. Additionally, you can ask a friend to join you on a bird watching expedition, mountain hike or African safari. Wherever you may spend your birthday, you can make it an adventure, or relax in a more casual setting.

Have an Experience


Make memories that last a lifetime by asking for an experience you’ll always treasure. A few fun ideas are movie tickets, a camping trip or head to your favorite theme park. You can bring friends or family to enjoy the day with you. You can record your special memories with a camera or journal. This way, you’ll always have them extra close to your heart.

Make your birthday the most special day of the year by picking out the right gift for you. It should fit your unique personality, and motivate you to be positive. Most of all, it should be meaningful to the person who gave it to you and yourself as well. 

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