How To Cut Your Own Hair (For long Hair)

Sometimes in the past I had thought of how easy it could be to cut my own hair, but I had never been brave enough to try it. I’m currently keeping my hair long, but as I haven’t had my hair cut for more than seven months I wanted to refresh it without any big changes, just a touch-up to make it feel healthier.

So far I had only experimented with my bangs. I have been cutting my own bangs for years, but it had been a long time since the last time I had bangs. Back then at the last time I had bangs I had bought a trimming tool and I talked about my experience with it here.

cutting bangs with trimming too

The last time I had my hair cut by a professional at the end of last summer I also got bangs. These last months since then I have both cut my bangs on my own with and without this tool. The result hasn’t always been good, but it’s just hair, it grows back.

During the current situation with the coronavirus disease it is not possible to visit a hair salon, but at the same time it is a good time to take the risk to cut your own hair as not many people are going to see it.

So, considering the fact that no one is going to know if it doesn’t go as planned, I decided to search for directions on YouTube and cut my hair on my own.

This is the video I had as an example, but I can see there are many similar tutorials available out there. This one is convenient if you’ve got long hair.

All you need is a hairbrush, two hair rubber bands and a pair of scissors. And some luck of course, but it was much easier than I expected.

Contrary to the video above, first I washed my hair and when it was still wet I leaned forward and I tied my hair with a rubber band in front of my forehead.

Then I added a second rubber band a little below the first one where I wanted to cut my hair. Use a pair of scissors to cut right under this rubber band.

In the photo above I have already cut the length of hair I wanted to get rid of and I have placed the rubber band a little higher to make some scattered cuts (video 2:06).

Fot the first time I decided to cut only about 10 centimeters, but even when I saw it was a piece of cake I didn’t want to make it shorter at the moment.

I hope it wasn’t just beginner’s luck and I like the result when I try it again in the future.

Are you willing to try it too?

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