How to Choose a Wedding Dress: 7 Tips Every Bride-to-Be Should Know

Are you preparing for a wedding?

In 2019, an American wedding cost about $33,900 on average. Most couples put their budget above all else when planning a wedding.

However, a large part of your costs will go to individual preparations. On average, a woman may spend over $1,500 to $2,000 on a wedding dress.

Looking for a wedding dress? In this article, we show you how to choose a wedding dress. Read on to find the perfect dress for you!

1. Figure Out Your Budget

The first step on how to choose a wedding dress is figuring out your budget. Determine how much you can afford, and make room for additional costs. Aside from your wedding dress, set aside some cash for alterations and accessories.

Starting with a set budget will allow you to narrow down your choices. If you don’t, you may fall in love with a dress that’s too expensive for your budget. This can make it difficult to find a new dress you’ll feel satisfied with.

When you finally settle on a budget, do your best to stay close to it. Try not to select dresses outside your budget. Keep an eye out for sample sales in consignment stores.

2. Keep an Open Mind

Before you go shopping for a wedding dress, you may have planned out a mood board ahead of time. Knowing what you want before shopping will allow you to save time. However, when you go shopping for a wedding dress, try to keep an open mind.

You may find a dress that you didn’t realize you liked. If you’re stuck on a certain style, you close yourself to finding the perfect dress. Try not to get caught up only on new bridal trends.

You never know if a black wedding dress is the one for you! Some wedding dresses don’t look perfect while they’re on the hanger. Be open to advice from dress consultants and staff.

3. Research Dress Types

It’s a good idea to research the different dress types before you go shopping. Familiarize yourself with the different fabrics and terminologies associated with dress shopping. Decide if you want to settle on a traditional and conservative dress or one that is bold and eccentric.

If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, you may be familiar with ballgowns. These gowns have a full and voluptuous skirt. You may also add extra fabric to add a more dramatic look.

The mermaid dress fits to show off a lady’s curves. A strapless dress is great for summer and spring weddings. You may also consider wearing one at autumn or winter weddings if your ceremony is indoors.

An A-line dress is a great alternative if you don’t want a dramatic ball gown. If you prefer to keep a simple silhouette, a backless dress can add a unique and elegant touch.

4. Be Open to Alterations

Even if you plan on losing weight before your wedding day, keep yourself open to alterations. It’s easier to alter and take in a dress than force yourself into one that’s too small.

As a general rule of thumb, prioritize comfort when you try on wedding dresses. A wedding dress can be as dramatic as you want, but it may not be the one if it restricts your movement. When shopping for a wedding dress, look for one that you’re comfortable in but also flatters you.

5. Shop According to Your Body Type

The variety of wedding dresses can make it difficult to choose. Having a wide set of options can make it difficult to find the perfect wedding dress. If you can’t settle on a dress type, try shopping according to your body type.

Here are some of our tips on how to shop for a wedding dress according to your body type.


Many petite brides look for a dress that gives them a taller silhouette. If you’re a petite bride, find an A-line gown with a higher waistline. This will allow your skirt to trail longer than the bodice.

You can also opt for a fit-and-flare dress with heels. Many bridal stylists would recommend a goddess-style dress to elongate your silhouette.


If you want to slim down your hips, follow the A-line dress with a high waistline as listed above. This will allow the skirt to flow away from your hips and lower body. If you want to accentuate your hips, opt for a fitted mermaid-style dress.

Try looking for a strapless gown for your neckline. You may also opt for V-neckline or a spaghetti strap to slim down your upper body. Any texture and detail will help slim down your figure.


Any dress can fit well with an hourglass body type. You can emphasize your figure with a fitted dress. You can also go for a sleek and elegant look with a full gown.

For women who want to show off their curves, you can wear a trumpet or a mermaid gown. This type of dress will hug your body and accentuate your waist. If you want to show off your waist, avoid an empire waist dress.

Plus Size

These days there’s a great variety of plus size wedding dresses. An empire waistline with an A-line skirt is a classic choice that can give you a sleek silhouette.

6. Plan Ahead

Check out any of the bridal boutiques near you ahead of time. This will allow you to save time and stress as you approach the wedding day. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some great choices by Bespoke Wedding Dresses.

7. Shop Ahead of Time

Experts recommend that you look for wedding dresses nine months to a year before the wedding day.

Producing gowns can range from four to eight months. Shopping ahead of time allows you some time for accessorizing and other alterations.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress: Now You Know

Now you know how to choose a wedding dress, so it’s time to start shopping!

Plan, shop early, know your body shape, and stick with your budget. Keep an open mind with alterations and look at different options to get a good idea of what you can get.

Of course, the wedding dress is only the beginning. Looking for more tips on preparing for your wedding day? Check out our other blog posts for more bridal tips right here!

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