Revlon Professional Equave Detangling Kit For Blondes Review

Blonde hair needs more care as bleaching causes damage. Professional treatments can help restore damage and bring back your hair’s moisture. After having highlights I tried Revlon professional Equave detangling kit for blondes. The set contains a micellar shampoo and a leave-in detangling conditioner.

Last year I had died my hair dark brown and then black. During the lockout and even later I left it for a few months without dying it to help it have a rest. A couple of months ago I decided to have some highlights. It has been a vicious circle which keeps repeating. I love black hair, but the fact that I avoid dying my hair root very often makes it a forbidden choice for me as I can’t stand my grey hair. Then I go back to having highlights. This isn’t a procedure good for your hair and I’ll try not to repeat it again.

I decided to try this professional kit and help my hair recover. The first thing you notice as soon as you open the bottles is the scent, especially the conditioner. They smell like professional hair products because they are! These are products usually used in hairdressing salons. I hadn’t tried a leave-in conditioner before and I expected to be disappointed. I was afraid there might be an annoying feeling for not rinsing it off with water. Nevertheless, you spray your hair and immediately it is easier to brush your hair. Brushing my hair has become more gentle and I don’t feel any knots. It isn’t sticky at all and I don’t feel my hair heavy or oily.

You need to shake the conditioner before use and avoid your hair coming into contact with your clothes while your hair is wet. The first time I used it I accidentally sprayed my bra and it stained.

Between the shampoo and the leave-in conditioner I use the classic RevlonFlex conditioner. Do you remember the 90’s TV advertisement with Cindy Crawford? Whenever I watched it as a teenager, I wished my hair would become as shiny as hers. Even when I use a hair mask, I don’t omit applying a conditioner.

I like to change shampoos and an alternative I use for damaged hair is Toni&Guy damage repair shampoo. It makes my dry hair feel soft and it smells very nice.

If you have hair highlights, use  a hair mask twice a week. I’m currently using Pantene Pro-V Miracles mask with biotin & bamboo. I have tried several masks, but this one really works. You can see the results instantly. It makes hair shiny and soft.

If you intend to buy new beauty products, Black Friday is near! This year it is on November 27.

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