Photowall Canvas Print Review And 25% Discount Code

During summertime I spend much time outdoors. I can’t get enough of the sunny weather. I like reading a book in the yard or even take my laptop out and do some work at the balcony while the kids are playing in the garden.

But when the winter comes, the scene changes. Especially rainy weather makes me feel caged inside the house. That’s why I have been trying to make some changes inside the house to make it more pleasant for the upcoming moody days.

First, we started with major layout changes like exchanging bedrooms with each other. Then, we painted the bedrooms’ walls with joyable colors and moved the position of some furniture so that they are more functional. I tried to get rid of stuff we don’t use anymore and take up space. That was the most difficult part of this procedure as I emptied wardrobes and toy boxes and the house was completely a mess for a couple of days.

Last but not least, I decided to give more color and vividness on the walls by adding new paintings. I feel like a painting on the wall can fill your desired view. For instance, if you are in love with the Eiffel Tower, a photo or a painting of it can change your mood.

In my case, what I wanted to hang on the walls was what I would like to see from my window. A beautiful scenery with green trees and a river or a small village by a lake or the seaside. I closed my eyes and imagined where I would like to be. What would I like to see when I wake up every day? Italy is one of my favorite places and I would love to wake up and see Lake Como every day.

This is how I ended up with this canvas and wallpaper print from Everwallpaper. As the site offers a huge variety of designs to choose from, I had many options. I added to my favorite list the ones that I like the most. Your saved list can be shared on your social media, so I was able to send it to a couple of people I wanted to ask their opinion. But after a few days I kept looking at my favorite choices, I noticed I had a big smile on my face whenever I looked at this one. It was love at first sight!

For a canvas print you have the opportunity to pick your desired dimensions, so it can be easily placed precisely to the selected wall. Before you order, you are informed about the price according to the measurements. There is also the option to decide whether you prefer your canvas with a frame and if you want the edge to be black, white or with the motif on it. Mine is with a frame with the motif.

When you receive your canvas print, the frame is not mounted, but everything you need to assemble your print is delivered with your order. There is also a video you can watch below with the instructions. You don’t need to be a craftsman to build the frame.

The package comes with your canvas cloth, detailed instructions, 4 frame sections, 4 corner plates, 16 screws and a mounting hanger. You don’t need any other tool. We used a ruler and a pencil as you can see in the video. My husband helped me as I was afraid I may not put the frames straight because of their size. My canvas print’s size is 150×110.

I put an old sheet on the floor and placed the canvas cloth on it facing down. With a ruler and a pencil we marked where we were going to put the frame. Then picked one of the 4 frame sections, removed the protective paper from the tape on it and attached the frame to the cloth. We pressed the frame to make sure it stuck well and then folded the corners of the cloth up towards the tape on the frame.

When you have repeated this procedure with all four frame sections, you have to fold them towards one another. Now it’s time for the corner plates to be placed on each corner and to be secured with four screws each. Tighten the screws to make the frame stable and stretch the cloth.

Using the accompanied hanger, your painting is ready to be hung on the wall.

I had initially ordered this canvas print to hang over the sofa in the living room, but in the end we put it in my bedroom. I spend much time there as my desk is there and I would love to stare at this relaxing view when I work on my laptop.

But I put another smaller canvas in the living room over a desk we have recently remodeled. We painted it brown -it used to be white- and added new handles in gold color.

We followed the same steps for assembling the frame but as it was smaller we worked on the table instead of the floor.

I love traveling to this balcony with my mind and I love the colors and the calmness on it.

Here is some inspiration for wall murals you can choose for your house.

In case you have the desire to refresh your house, you can look through Photowall’s site. I love their wallpaper section and it is worth a visit. There are thousands of motifs in several categories and you will definitely find something according to your taste. Alternatively, you can use your own photo to create a unique wallpaper, canvas print or poster. You simply upload your image, select the type of product and the dimensions.

The delivery is free for orders in the E.U. and your order ships in 1-2 days. For Beauty and the Mist’s readers there is a special offer. Starting from October 12 and for a whole month the code beautyandthemist25 (all in lowercase) will give you a 25% discount on any product on Photowall’s website.

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