Calvin Klein Beauty Review

As we are reaching the end of autumn and entering the winter, it’s time I tell you about a perfume I personally prefer during these seasons. I’m talking about Calvin Klein Beauty, a women’s fragrance which was launched in 2010.

With such a great variety of perfumes, you have probably tried at least one Calvin Klein fragrance. Maybe the first one I tried was CK one when I was a teenager. It wasn’t mine, but I’m sure I wore it a couple of times. Then Truth came into my life when I was 20. I smelled it on somebody else, I bought it on the same day and didn’t like it on me at the end. Nevertheless, I received so many compliments when I wore it and strangers commented how well it suited me. Lately I’m wearing Beauty Eau De Parfum by Calvin Klein.


  • Top notes: Musk Mallow
  • Middle notes: Jasmine
  • Base notes: Virginia Cedar


Its description and reviews I had read made me want to try it as it has been described as a white, floral, soapy scent. When I think of a soapy perfume, Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar, Prada Infusion d’iris or Chloé Chloé come to my mind, but not Beauty.

Beauty is a warm musky perfume with floral tones. It slightly reminds me of Burberry London.

When, Where and For Whom

I would prefer it for autumn and winter and it is safe to wear at workplace. It has a classic, luxurious scent and maybe it is more likeable by older ages. It is definitely feminine.

If you are a fan of beautiful bottles, then you can add it to your collectiion. It deservedly represents its name. The bottle is simple and elegant.

The more it dries the better it becomes and the longevity is great as it lasts for the whole day. I like its musky drydown on me.

Final Thoughts

Beauty by Calvin Klein is a beautiful perfume that I like for every day use. It isn’t one of my favorites that I would definitely buy again, but it’s worth a try if you like floral, musky scents.

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