How to Keep Your Wedding Reception Socially Distant

Much like all social activities during a global pandemic, couples worldwide are struggling to find out how to plan and have a successful wedding while keeping social distance. Well, this leaves most asking themselves, ‘Is it possible to have a fun, interactive and entertaining wedding while still keeping the recommended social distance?’

Nowadays, couples are figuring out inventive ways to solve that problem so their wedding can take place in a safe environment with all their friends and loved ones beside them. Here are the ways you can follow to maintain the appropriate social distancing at your wedding.

Reduce the Guest List

While it’s essential to have your loved ones and friends on your side during the big day, it would help if you cut down the guest list to maintain social distancing rules. Besides, the wedding venue may not have the capability to handle the entire guest list.

Consider an Outdoor Venue

During a global pandemic, an outdoor venue is preferred instead of closed spaces to minimize virus spread. Thus, holding your wedding and reception outdoors offers you a large space to hold more people and maintain the ideal spacing. Another option is to use wedding ballrooms.

Consider Live Streaming

Remember, some of your guests won’t feel comfortable attending your wedding due to the risks of contracting the virus. In such a case, streaming your ceremony will be the perfect solution for them.

Maintain Your Distance

When it comes to arranging your seats, it’s crucial that you set them six feet apart. The attendees must sit in socially distanced seats. Additionally, you may place your guests in groups, whereby families sit together while keeping the correct spacing between them and other groups.

Enforce the Face Masks Use

Restaurants, stores and companies are enforcing face masks, and a wedding ceremony is no exception. Thus, to protect your visitors’ health, you can either give masks or ask them to bring their own. Giving customized face masks containing wedding initials or hashtags will make it fun.

Cleanliness Is a Must

Before the ceremony, make sure the surfaces are sanitized and provide sanitizing points throughout the wedding activities. So, provide disinfecting wipes, cleaner-filled spray bottles, and hand sanitizers at strategic points.

Make the Ceremony Short

According to health experts, a social event needs to be concluded within the shortest time possible. With this, the religious wedding ceremonies that typically take a couple of hours need to be reduced.

Lastly, although some social distancing tools are unfamiliar, it doesn’t mean you should not welcome the new norm, particularly if you care about your loved ones and friends. As you can see, it’s now time to become creative when holding social events.

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