Positive Inspirational Quotes To Say Goodbye To 2020

December has just begun and although there is almost a month left before we say goodbye to this hideous year, we can’t wait for this time to come. For most people it has been a very hard year and we hope that the end of 2020 will mean a new beginning with less worries and more joyful moments. Let’s make positive thoughts and try to bring smiles back to our faces. These inspirational quotes will help you say goodbye to 2020 with good expectations for the new year ahead.

Take what you’ve learned and be a better person

We’ve experienced a new reality which changed our every day habits. Keep every good outcome out of this situation and use whatever it taught you to become a better person for youself and others.

Every end is a new beginning

In some cases you might have lost something. You may need to start over again. Remember, when a door closes, another one opens.

I never knew I could be so strong

Personally, I had the worst experience of my life. I hadn’t imagined I would ever have to suffer this way. My kids and I were hit by a car while we were standing on a pavement. I can’t believe how lucky we were and we are alive by a miracle. And I still don’t know how God gave me the strength to endure the pain of watching my kids bleed lying down. I am grateful for the strangers who rushed to help us and cared for us.

I believe tomorrow will be a better day

People lost their jobs, their financial comfort, their peace of mind, their loved ones. I wish the new year brings better days to everyone.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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