7 Tips For Maintaining Curly Hair

Do you struggle with your curly hair? Does it become super unruly for no good reason? We all have bad hair days, but it’s time to change the way you see your tresses and embrace them! Curly hair is beautiful; you just have to know how to look after it. With attention, care, and love, your gorgeous curls will be your crowning glory. 

The texture and the volume of curly hair can make it a little tricky to work with. Curls may get easily tangled, so you’ll sometimes have a hard time combing them. A lot of women with curly hair find it quite hard to keep their hair looking good for the entire day. Don’t let this stress you out; there are ways to keep your curls looking pretty for a whole day! 

If you think it’s impossible to have your curly hair look soft, velvety, shiny, and healthy, we’re happy to show you that it is possible. The best part? You don’t need any sort of expensive products to maintain your curly hair. Without further ado, here are some of the best tips for you.

  1. Choose The Right Shampoo and Conditioner 

Washing your hair is of utmost importance when maintaining your curly hair. It removes all the dirt, excess oil, and product buildup right on your scalp. However, you need to know if the shampoo you’re using is too strong for the kind of hair you have. It’s a good idea to use a mild product; something that is free from chemicals such as alcohol, sulfates, and parabens, as they can irritate your scalp. It’s always best for you to switch to mild shampoos, free of any fragrance where possible. You can find out more about the best conditioners for curly and frizzy hair online; there are plenty of people ready to share their opinions.

  1. Avoid Over-Shampooing

Curly hair becomes dry pretty easily, and excessive shampooing can take all the natural moisture from it. Make sure that you get yourself a really good conditioner with moisturizing ingredients to seal and protect your hair cuticles from any sort of environmental damage; you can even use it to clean your hair (known as co-washing) to give your hair a break from shampoo. 

  1. Make Pre-Shampoo Treatment A Habit

Pre-shampoo treatment can help in detangling and removing frizz from your hair. Make sure that you use some sort of hair mask or a conditioning oil to your dry hair by separating it into sections and applying generously. Leave the product in for 15-20 minutes. Put a towel or shower cap on to trap the heat and open up your hair cuticle. This will ensure the penetration of the pre-shampoo into your hair. 

  1. Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing your curly hair when it is still wet can cause unnecessary breakage. Make sure that you resist the urge to brush your hair before it has dried. Try to use a wide-toothed comb prior to shampooing, and after washing, run your fingers through your hair and let it dry. 

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  1. Use Moderate Heat When Styling

Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you will stop styling your hair. However, know that high temperatures from styling tools may remove the natural texture of your curls. So, if you don’t want dull and lifeless locks, moderate heat is the way to go. For defined curls, make sure to use a diffuser. 

  1. Cold Water Rinse

A hot shower is such a relaxing thing to do. However, it can actually cause damage to your hair. Hot water may strip the sebum or natural oil from your hair and scalp. It could open up the hair cuticle, making the strands more prone to breakage and frizz. If you want to go to the safest way of drenching your hair after shampooing and conditioning, a refreshing cold water rinse is the answer.

  1. Make Trimming A Habit

Just because you have curls that look completely divine, allowing them to grow and grow without an occasional trip to the salon is not the way to go. Make trimming a habit and get it done every 6-8 weeks. Your stylist will remove all the split ends and damaged hair. It’s a fun and effective way to keep your curly hair looking and feeling healthy. 


Believe it or not, some people do not embrace their natural curly locks. Rest assured, your curls are beautiful. Start embracing your natural hair and try the tips above to keep it healthier than ever. 

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