The 4 Dos and Don’ts of Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie is sexy and stylish, but it’s so much more than some simple undergarments. Lingerie boosts self-esteem and makes the person wearing it feel confident and empowered. If you don’t already own a collection of lingerie, then now is the perfect time to start building one. 

When’s the last time you did some lingerie shopping? Do you tend to do some virtual lingerie shopping on some of the best online lingerie shops, or do you like to visit the stores in person? 

Knowing how to shop for lingerie is the first step to take. Lingerie shopping is a process because you want to ensure you’re finding pieces you love. In the guide below, you’ll learn about all the dos and don’ts of shopping for lingerie to help you throughout your shopping experience. 

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The Dos

Let’s start with the dos. These are the things you want to keep in mind when shopping for your own lingerie. Write them down and be sure to check them off as you search for the perfect lingerie pieces. 

1. Do Look for High-Quality Fabrics

When lingerie shopping, do take the time to search for high-quality fabrics. Remember, you’re going to wear your lingerie on your bare skin. It’s not like a t-shirt or jeans over your undergarments. 

Your lingerie is your undergarments and you want the fabric to be comfortable. High-quality fabric will feel gentle on your skin and won’t rip or tear easily like some poor-quality lingerie might. Although high-quality fabrics might come at a higher price tag, it’s worth it in the long run to have something comfortable that you can wear all day long. 

2. Do Bring Your Partner Along

Shopping for lingerie is a fun experience. There are so many different styles to choose from, and it allows you to be yourself and release your creative side. This shopping experience is something you can do alone, with friends, or even with your partner. 

If you haven’t had the chance to bring your partner along with you while shopping for lingerie, then don’t hesitate to do so. Surprises are always fun, and your partner would love to be surprised by the beautiful lingerie you picked out. They might also enjoy picking some lingerie options out with you.

Sharing this experience with a partner allows the two of you to share your different styles, express your fantasies, and much more!

3. Do Have an Expert Size You

Lingerie is made to make you know your worth. Your lingerie should boost your confidence and make you feel amazing! The best way to ensure this happens is to choose lingerie that fits you perfectly, complements all your curves, and brings out the best parts of you.

Having an expert size you for lingerie is the best way to find a lingerie piece that fits you perfectly and shows off everything you want it to and nothing more. An expert will take measurements and put you in pieces you’ll love. 

4. Do Switch It Up Depending on the Season

You can never have enough lingerie. With so many different styles, colors, and designs, you’re sure to find more than one piece that you absolutely must bring home with you. Do feel free to have as many beautiful pieces as you’d like and switch them up depending on the time of year.

Think about the different patterns and colors associated with the different seasons. You can then have one favorite piece (or a few) for each season. The best lingerie shops will put out collections associate with the current season, making it even easier for you to find seasonal lingerie. 

The Don’ts

With so many exciting dos associated with lingerie shopping, we know you can’t wait to head to the stores and start trying pieces on. Before doing so, however, stop and read these lingerie-shopping don’ts. 

1. Don’t Base It on No One Seeing It

When you’re selecting lingerie, don’t tell yourself that no one will see it so what you buy doesn’t matter. Even if no one will see the lingerie on you, good lingerie can do a lot for your shape and the clothing you wear over it. Your lingerie will help define the structuring of your clothes and your figure underneath. 

Because of this, consider putting your clothes back on over the lingerie while trying it on. 

2. Don’t Hesitate to Try New Things

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be daunting at times. You know what you like and what you’re used to. You know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. 

Don’t let this stop you from trying new things though. You never know what styles or colors might help bring out your figure and your skin tone. Try it on, even if you’re not sure about it at first.

3. Don’t Forget It’s For You First

Never forget that when shopping for lingerie, you come first. Your lingerie is for you more than anyone else, whether you have a partner or not. Make sure the lingerie you choose makes you feel special and like a superstar. 

It’s okay to get a couple of pieces that someone else in your life has taken an interest in, but don’t forget that you’re the one wearing it, and it should cater to you before anyone else. 

4. Don’t Buy Before Trying It on

As tempting as it might be to see a lingerie piece that looks amazing, buy it, and bring it home, you need to try it on first. Don’t buy it before trying it unless you’re doing some online shopping and must try it on after it arrives at your home. 

Most lingerie stores, like Victoria Secret Outlets, will offer sizing by experts. Although a piece might look spectacular on the wall or on a mannequin, you want it to look even more stunning on you. Try everything on before buying as some pieces may not fit the way you imagined. 

Lingerie Shopping Should Be Fun, Not Stressful 

If you’re not a pro lingerie shopper, then lingerie shopping for the first time can seem stressful. The shopping experience shouldn’t be a stressful one, however, it should be an exciting and fun one! Use the advice listed above to guide you through the shopping experience, making it simple and rewarding.

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