5 Things to Discuss Before Getting Engaged

After getting engaged, most people start focusing on the wedding plans. You might focus on planning the wedding to the extent that you will forget you’ll be with one partner for the rest of your life afterward.

Some professionals ensure that couples can attain their goals. According to these professionals, there are some things that you should discuss before getting engaged, and they include:

1. Talk About Money

Some people find it hard to initiate a discussion about their finances. Most people fear the embarrassment and shame that comes about when discussing money. When you initiate such a discussion, you should be slow and gentle. One of the first things you will probably talk about would be the wedding ring itself. Talk about styles and preferences, along with your budget to make sure that you are in agreement. Consider looking online for custom wedding rings that can match you or your loved one’s preferred style as well as meet your budget requirements.

2. Talk About Children

It is good to ask your partner if they want to get children at some point. If they are interested in having children, you should ask how many they want. When you have a baby, you should be ready for additional responsibilities. Each individual has their own thoughts and views regarding the type of life they want their children to live. Both parties should also have an equal say on how the children should be raised, which is why such a discussion should be initiated before you get engaged.

3. How to Fight

Disagreements usually take place from time to time. The manner in which an argument is handled will determine whether the relationship will last or not. We should be realistic and ensure that effective communication is a part of the relationship. Effective arguing ensures you can react non-defensively, which is why you should initiate a discussion about how to react when you have a fight.

4. Career

You should choose a job that you’re passionate about. Depending on your job and position at the workplace, you may have to travel from time to time or even work late. By initiating a discussion about careers, you’ll ensure that each person respects the other’s job and career goals.

5. Sex and Intimacy

Sex is an integral part of a relationship, and there is the need to talk about it before getting engaged. Although the topic may seem uncomfortable, it is essential to initiate the discussion. Such a discussion will help to improve the relationship.

Final Thoughts

Getting engaged means you are about to make a lifetime commitment, and you should be aware of what you’re getting into. To ensure that everything progresses smoothly after the wedding, you should initiate a discussion about each of the topics we have listed above.

About the author:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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