Another Step in Preparing for Divorce: Announcing Your Big Decision to Others

Perhaps there are no right or wrong ways of telling others that you are currently preparing divorce court forms. Even the smallest thought about announcing your life-changing decision may frighten you a lot, and rightly so. You may worry about others’ reactions, and we understand your concerns.

However, if you are ready to answer tricky questions and are prepared for coping with negative reactions, then everything will go more smoothly for you. You may feel ashamed that your marriage has failed. But when you are having a hard time getting ready to file for divorce online, your close people’s support and understanding will not go amiss.

Be ready that many people will tell inappropriate things about your breakup focusing mostly on how your decision may affect them and your kids. Remarks such as “Are you sure about your decision?” and “Maybe you should try harder to save your marriage!” are very common though. To deal with this, you should be well-prepared. Make sure you always have the answer. Even though there are no common rules for how to announce your big decision to others, below, there are some guidelines that will help you make up your mind and get started:

Don’t rush things. When preparing superior court divorce forms, it may seem like you will never be ready to tell others about your life change. However, it is until you give your split a great deal of thought. Don’t hurry to share the news with anybody if you don’t feel like the timing is right. However, note that things may come up: your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will tell his or her friends and your neighbors will overhear your discussions and notice one of you moving out. So, if you don’t feel like talking about your current situation with anybody, then be ready to respond in case your friend, colleague, or family member asks you point-blank.

Think of your speech in advance. Think about what you will say. Be ready that your listeners will want to know what stands behind your decision, and you should decide ahead of time how much you are going to let them know. If you don’t feel like sharing juicy details of your breakup, then you should better keep them between you and your former love. Every time someone puts a question that you are not comfortable with, don’t hesitate to tell about your feelings openly.

Be ready that it will hurt. Telling others about your intention to untie the knot will feel both painful and awkward. Sometimes, you may feel like bursting into tears, and it is perfectly normal. Don’t hold back your tears, and let your closest people be supportive. You will experience different feelings as you share the news with more and more people. Even though different people will react in different ways, you are likely to feel awkward every time you announce your decision.

You may not like how some people react. If your former love has publicly played away from home or is known to be a real jerk, then you will get support immediately. However, if you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have decided to go your separate ways amicably, then you will see a range of reactions. Just as you need some time before telling others, these others may need some time to make up their minds.

Don’t ask your closest people to cut ties with your former love, especially if they have been hanging out together. Moreover, do your best to stay on good terms with your spouse’s family for the sake of your kids. The latter need their grandparents no matter whether or not their mom and dad live together. And every time you hear remarks like, “He/she doesn’t deserve your love.” Make sure you respond with things like, “Please let’s not say a bad word about him/her.”

Know how to respond to unsolicited advice. Remember about “I don’t feel like talking about it at the moment.” Make sure that you keep this phrase in mind for those telling you how to make your marriage work.

Be ready for some changes. Some people probably hung out with you because of your better half or because you were married with kids just like them. And as soon as they find out about your decision, they may start pulling away from you. And that is perfectly normal. Remember that your true friends will never go away; they will stick by your side no matter what. Value such a friendship.

Don’t worry about what people say. You are not responsible for what people might say or do. Therefore, don’t worry about their reactions. You have a lot on your plate and thus you shouldn’t take on too much. Those who respond to your news badly probably are afraid to even think about doing a divorce apply form, especially if they are going through dark days themselves. 

Remember that gossip is inevitable. There will be two types of people – those who will not feel like bombarding you with annoying questions and those who will strive to be up to speed on your current situation, including some juicy details of your problems. Be prepared that people will talk behind your back; therefore, be careful whom you trust. Good friends will be there to hear you out without trying to pry anything out of you.

Don’t lose your dignity

Nothing should make you feel embarrassed. You have made a big decision that many unhappy married people have no guts to make. Be proud of yourself and don’t let anyone or anything make you feel uncomfortable with what you have done.

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