How to Give Your Living Room a Timeless Style

Your living room should always feel warm and welcoming, as it’s one of the most used rooms on any property. Whether you’re relaxing by yourself after a long day, enjoying a family movie night, or entertaining guests, this is the spot where you will all gather for these activities. As décor trends come and go, it’s better to think about looking for more timeless design choices to avoid having to redecorate every other year to keep up with the latest fashions. If you want to give your living room a timeless style, here are a few tips to help you achieve this.

Neutral Color Scheme

You might think using neutral colors is a bit boring, but they can be the best choice when it comes to repainting your walls. This is because it’s hard to go wrong with these tones, and if you ever did decide to sell your property, it will help the place look more appealing to potential buyers by giving them an almost blank canvas to look at. You can always add pops of color to the room through artwork and furniture items if you wish.

Classic Furnishings

Another thing to look out for if you want to create a timeless look for your living room is by choosing classic furnishings. When it comes to couches, armchairs, and even coffee tables, there are numerous styles to choose from. Modern designs might last well, but not all of these will suit certain households. For example, very sleek furnishings would look great in a modern property with a minimalist vibe but might not look right in a country home. Wooden coffee and side tables are your safest bet, with comfortable couches and armchairs.


Your floors will have a bigger impact on the final look of your living room than you might think, so pay attention to this detail. Wooden floors will always look great, and you can make them feel warmer by placing a stylish rug on top, which will also help to protect your wooden floors from scratches and scuff marks. If that’s not right for your taste, again, choose a carpet that is a neutral color and is of good quality. Avoid patterned carpets that could look unfashionable in a year or two. You can see some more examples of timeless flooring options at this Balham carpet fitters store.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting plays a big role in creating the right atmosphere you’re trying to capture, and considering your living room can be used for many different things, you should think about how you can play around with your lighting fixtures so you can alter the vibe when you need to. Brighter lighting is better if you’re trying to read or need to look for something under the couch cushions, but if you want to relax, then softer illumination is key. Consider getting a dimmer switch for your main lighting in your living room so you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood. You should also invest in some floor or table lamps for these occasions. Wall sconces can also look good and are quite timeless from a style perspective. 

If you want to revamp your living room, make sure you choose a timeless look, so you don’t have to keep updating it to stay stylish.

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