7 Sneaky Ways To Create More Volume In Your Hair

Did you get thin hair naturally? So, it will be too hard to give it more volume so that you can keep it nice looking when you leave the house every morning. 

But it is good news that there are a lot of ways to create more volume in your thin hair. 

Though it’s a challenging task, then stay with us and release your daily pain. Follow our 7 sneaky ways to create more volume in your hair. 

Below we have more practical processes to create more volume for your thin hair.

Start From Scalp

Boost The Roots

Start your journey to create more volume of your hair from your roots. Boost your hair roots that produce more volume from the roots and help make any style for the whole day long. Use the right product, which was designed especially for thin or fine hair.

Crimp The Roots

Crimping from the roots in the underneath layers of your hair is a wonderful way. It can make your hair stand out from the roots and scalps. 

Styling Your Hair For Volume

Switch Up Your Part 

It is the quickest way to create more volume without long-term commitment to switch up your hair parts. If you think to part down the middle, try the opposite for few hours. Then, you can try some steps like:

  • Layers: For fine hair with more loads, a few layers are ideal.
  • Bangs: For volume, layer hair considers cutting side fringe or bangs.
  • Extensions: Most women are opting for permanent extensions to add more volume your hair.  

Work With Brush

Pull your drying hair with your brush and discharge heat from underneath to add volume.  

Apply Rollers

Curly style is a great way to add more volume to your fine or tine hair. For this, you can apply hair rollers which work well for ramping up the volume around the crown.

Tease the Hair

Nothing can be better than properly teasing the hair to insert quantity in your thin hair. But you should do it so carefully. 

Back Brush Your Hair

You can try back brush way from the roots of the underlayer of the hair to make a soft volume. Here you have to use a large size paddle brush instead of your regular one.    

Adding Volume In The Shower

Use Volume Building Shampoo

A good shampoo works like magic to achieve your volume goals. But you should find out volume building shampoo, which is mainly designed to increase the volume of your hair. If you colored your hair before, you also need to use particular shampoo, which saves your dyed hair. Finally, you should find out the best blue black hair dye with your other dying product.  

Use Dry Shampoo

Try dry shampoo but the correct way to remove oils from sabotaging the volume. Dry shampoo works for volume-building naturally. 

Condition Correctly

You have to apply a volumizing and light conditioner in your shower and also avoid any heavier options. 

Apply the light conditioner on the bottom two-third of the hair. If you put condition into your scalp, flat hair can be even heavier.

Drying Your Hair

Air Dry Volume

Fine hair will be frail hair, so the less time spent under the blow dryer’s heat, the better. Dry your hair with a towel after taking a shower and brush in a root booster or volumizing spray at the crown, then leave it air dry.

Blow-dry for Endurance

Blow-dry to add more volume is a beautiful way. But this method will be perfect at the salon, which will stay at two to four days even an oily hair. For this, the right products and tools must be used. 

Cut & Color

Cut hair to add volume.

Cut the hair in short or medium, or other ways for more bonuses. For example:

  • Short Hair Cut: Cut the sides closer to the head and leave the top pretty long, which makes a voluminous look. 
  • Blunt Cut: Instead of choosing bob cut or similar style, blunt across the bottom make your hair look the most fullness.
  • Push back the bangs: Spray the hair using lightweight hairspray or use a good styling gel. Then comb your hair so that the hair can be straight or fall backward.
  • Add Dimension: If you like coloring your hair, the best highlights can make a 3D effect and make a good look with fullness. 
  • Add Layers: Layers have conventionally been thought an ideal way to add body to thin hair. 

Color Your Hair For Volume

Surprisingly, a few women say hair color might plump up your hair shaft sufficient to make it look more voluminous. So, add color will be an excellent idea but avoid over colored, which is responsible for damaging hair.  

Choose Right Hair Products

Invest for the Right Hair Products

Invest your money for the right products which particularly use to volume up your hair. For example, you can use hair spray with a wide-tooth comb. Or use creamy pomades or shiny serums. But never apply them near the roots of the hair or on the scalp.

Use Hair Spray

Hairspray always works to add volume, but it is best to apply it to the crown. To lift thin hair after it has been blow-dried, hairspray works on the crown with the fingers. Massage your spray into the roots at the crown until the spray can reach every single hair. 

Salt Spray For More Volume

A lot of women long to have naturally wavy hair. To take your hair out, spritz damp hair with salt spray. After spritzing your hair, scrunch it with your hands as the hair can dry naturally.  

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

From the first step, we have already discussed a lot of products. If you follow some of them or use hairspray, gel, serum, or mousse regularly and think they are harmful to your hair. To get rid of product issues to add volume, you can rinse the apple cider vinegar every week. It helps you to break down residue, add volume, and even fight dandruff.  

Sleep in a Bun

Do you think sleeping with a bun does work for volume? It is good news that sleeping with your hair in an overnight bun works magically. Make a bun with your damp hair, leave it for the whole night, and wake up in the morning with wavy and voluminous hair. It doesn’t require any heat or products.

To wrap Up!

Finally, the following ways must help you to add more volume to your thin hair quickly and simply. You can try any one or more from there. 

Enjoy your thin or fine hair with a gorgeous look!

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