Are Yoga Mats Useful?

Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise, and it can provide you with manifold benefits. Unlike many other exercises, you won’t need heavy equipment for performing activities of yoga, in fact, you might not need any kind of equipment at all. But there’s one thing that you can use while doing yoga, which is a yoga mat. While it is not really an essential accessory for performing yoga, most yoga trainers advise using yoga mats while performing yoga. So, the question remains, are yoga mats useful for performing the activities of yoga?

What are Yoga Mats?

Yoga mats are basically floor covers that are laid on the floor during yoga to perform yoga activities on them. Yoga mats are typically designed to match the height of the users and these mats provide an assurance that a person will be able to perform all types of methods of yoga, such as various seated poses, backward positioning, and even meditate while they’re lying. You can also carry out other exercises on your yoga mat, and carry the mat with you anywhere. Mats are a present-day replacement for natural cushioning or cloth that were used by ancient yogis while they used to perform yoga. 

Various materials are used to manufacture yoga mats. They are either made from PVC materials, or rubber materials or even cotton materials to provide you proper balance while you are doing yoga on the mat. There are various other attributes of a yoga mat such as thickness, weight, length, and width, cleaning convenience, carrying convenience, functionality, traction, etc. Based on the attributes of each yoga mat regarding these factors, you need to choose the one based on your needs and preferences, if you decide to use one while doing yoga. Normally the mats that provide proper cushioning and thickness, have enough elasticity and feature good traction along with thermal conductivity are known to be proper yoga mats that can be of great help during yoga. 

Do You Really Need Yoga Mats?

While most trainers will advise you to get yoga mats, you can perform your yoga activities without any mat, no doubt. Especially, the yoga mat will contain you in a rectangular place, and you’ll have to perform your activities inside it. Without a mat, you’ll get more flexibility during practicing as your movements won’t be confined to a rectangle. You’ll be able to perform yoga in an eco-friendly way, also if you decide to perform the activities outside, you’ll be more connected to nature. You’ll also save money. But that’s about it. You won’t be able to have numerous benefits that come with yoga mats. Yoga trainers don’t recommend them for no reason.

Most importantly, yoga mats will help you maintain your balance properly during yoga sessions, and will provide you with proper grip by featuring a non-slippery surface which you won’t be able to have without yoga mats. Moreover, you will be more prone to various injuries, as yoga mats provide protection for your different body parts. You also won’t have any guidelines regarding hand and foot placement. And while doing yoga in a class or group yoga session, you won’t have any defined personal space. 

Usefulness of Yoga Mats

You have already known the things yoga mats can do for you while doing yoga, but there are more to yoga mats. Let’s have a look at the numerous benefits of yoga mats.

Ease of Movement

Yoga mats will provide you with comfort and softness with their cushioning so that you can perform your activities comfortably. You won’t feel much pressure on your joints, ankles, heels, and knees during yoga activities due to the soft cushioning, and you will be able to carry out all the movements with ease. It’ll be really difficult to perform some complicated postures and moves without mats, in fact, you might injure yourself while doing them. Also, your body might get tired and irritated soon if you do yoga without yoga mats. Yoga mats will also help you to switch positions really easily.

Saves Your Energy

The thermal conductivity of a yoga mat will help you conserve your energy by preventing your body from making contact with the ground. This energy is really crucial in performing the activities, as yoga is all about utilizing your energy and flowing them into your body parts.

Balance and Stability

If you don’t do yoga on yoga mats, you will be at high risk of skidding and slipping while arching, and spreading your body during yoga sessions. It might hamper your exercises, and even worse, might cause you various injuries. Yoga mats will provide you a strong grip so that you can perfect your postures and movements, and find the proper balance. You won’t have to worry about uneven surfaces and injuries anymore if you use yoga mats.

Moral Igniter

Having a yoga mat can inspire you to continue with your yoga exercises, which can help you a lot in terms of your both mental and physical health.

Final Words

Yoga mats are really useful for performing yoga activities, and if you are into carrying out yoga exercises regularly, it is kind of a must-buy item for you. Yoga mats can properly help you with carrying on your yoga routine by providing balance and comfort and keeping you injury-free.

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