4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Fall Wedding

Did you recently pop the question? Are you hoping to have your big day during the autumn months?

Well, you’ll probably want to get ready. The fall months are the most popular times of the year to get married.

But, we can help you get started. We’ve got the top tips you need to plan the perfect fall wedding.

1. Take The Season Into Consideration

When you’re planning a fall wedding, you can incorporate some of the sights and feelings of autumn into your wedding.

Use autumn colors, such as browns, oranges, and reds, as your color scheme. Add autumn-inspired flavors to your dinner menu. Root vegetables, for example, are very popular in fall meals.

Choose flowers that are in-season during the autumn so that they’ll be fresh (and cost less). Some examples of flowers you might want to consider include sunflowers, chrysanthemums, cosmos, dahlias, and many others.

2. Watch The Weather

Depending on where you plan to hold your wedding, the weather in autumn can be hard to predict. So, if you’re planning an outdoor fall wedding, you need to have a good backup plan in order to make sure you have somewhere to go if it rains or snows.

Of course, if you plan to hold your wedding outside in the autumn, make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion. The wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses should have longer sleeves and be made of thicker fabrics.

The smell at your wedding can also reflect the fall season. Get information about different perfumes you can wear for your picture-perfect fall wedding.

3. Plan Around The Holidays

Fall is home to a number of different holidays. You may want to incorporate them into your wedding, or you may want to work around them in order to ensure that people don’t have other plans on your wedding day.

For example, you can avoid Halloween when you’re planning your perfect wedding, or you can embrace it and plan a spooky, scary special day. The same goes for Thanksgiving, although you should also consider that people are more likely to be out of town for Thanksgiving.

4. Keep It Warm

Since the fall can be chilly, there are lots of ways to keep your guests warm while keeping the ambiance intact. Serve warm drinks, like cider or hot toddies, that your guests can sip on. If you’re holding your wedding outside, have plenty of heat lamps available. 

And, make sure your dress code reflects the chillier weather — you don’t want your guests to be freezing their toes off, after all. Include a note that your guests should dress appropriately for the weather.

Start Planning Your Fall Wedding Today

You should be all set up to plan the fall wedding of your dreams in no time. So take a deep breath, and take the time to enjoy the planning process. Your big day will be here more quickly than you think!

Do you need more help planning your special day? Do you need more general lifestyle and even planning tips? We’ve got you covered.

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